How to Use Heelys Skate Shoes for Beginners?


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how to use heelys skate shoes

A new pair of kicks is undeniably exciting. Not only does it make you feel and look better, but it also gives you more confidence. But footwear dreams do not only end there for skaters because they have other things to look forward to.

One of these is Heelys, a shoe brand for skating and casual walking all in one. But while users can shift between skates and typical sneakers with this pair, does everyone know how to do it?

How to use Heelys skate shoes? Can you use Heelys with 1 wheel? Find out below.

Ways to Use Heelys Skate Shoes

How do you use Heelys? Of course, there’s nothing too peculiar with treating them like typical sneakers for a random outfit. But let’s get into more specific steps to use them as skating shoes.

Step 1: Assembly

Heelys skate shoes come with 2 wheels, a tool for their assembly, and removable sole plugs that cover the wheels’ slots when not riding.

So, take your Heelys tool. The sole plug has a slot for the tool’s tip to fit and pry it off the sole. Remove each plug from the shoes, and keep them in a secure location.


Next, press the wheels against the heel side of each shoe. The wheels’ axles should snap through to ensure they stay in place. Most skaters test their rollers’ fit by pressing them with the shoe against the ground.


Step 2: Beginning to Roll


Now that you have completed your Heelys skating setup, it’s time we start rolling.

  • So, find a safe place with smooth grounds to practice. Try shifting your weight to your heels by pressing on your toes, lifting them, and rocking back on your wheels. It’s best to find a rail or some object to hold on to assist you in balancing on your Heelys.
  • Next, with your feet in a parallel position and your weight pressed on the toes, put one foot forward. Shift your weight back to the wheels while finding the balance point on each roller.
  • Finally, still on your heels, try switching your front foot between left and right. This step will help you practice balancing.

Step 3: Getting Into Motion


You have two options to skate with Heelys for the first time: have someone assist you or roll without help.

If you have someone to assist you, let them pull you forward with one of your feet up front and your weight pressing down on the wheels (while both toes are lifted).

Otherwise, you may want to begin things by pushing. To do this, place one foot forward with the heel and toe pressed down to the ground. Push forward by kicking off with your other foot (place your weight on the rear wheels), then slide.

Step 4: Braking


Like other skating modes, braking is essential when you ride Heelys. The process is simple, as you can do this in two ways: through the heels or toes.

To brake on your heels, you can begin leaning to the back of your shoes. The friction between the ground and your heel will slow the Heelys shoes down.

To stop on your toes, press them firmly against the ground. However, you might run forward after the stop because of your upper body’s momentum. Hence, it’s best to reduce the speed first before braking on your toes.

Safety tip: Safety gear would be helpful for beginners. You might want to consider them before getting on the wheels.


Walking on a new pair of sneakers is fun and makes us feel great. But for skaters, wheels may be preferable to traditional soles. And that is why Heely skate shoes are on the market. Not only do they make fashionable footwear but also skater-friendly ones.

So, now that we know how to use Heelys skate shoes, we can finally experience what it’s like to shift between skates and casual sneakers. But while it all looks exciting, remember how to set them up, roll on them, and brake safely.

Only by then can we get the best out of our Heelys pair.

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