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How to Fall Safely on Roller Skates? – Safe Falling Techniques


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Marsh Harrison



Godfrey Rice

how to fall safely on roller skates

When roller skating, falling is inevitable whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater. But did you know that there are ways to fall without getting hurt?

So read below the important tricks we gather from our experiences for beginners on how to fall safely on roller skates.

By the end, you’ll know how to handle these situations and minimize injuries during roller skate falls.

Tips to Fall Safely on Roller Skates

Before getting into the techniques to help you fall correctly, note that you should always wear safety gear.

For beginners, wear safety gear like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to keep yourself safe. These necessities keep you from getting severe roller skate injuries.

1. Practice Safe or Controlled Falls


Train in a safe place, like your flower yard or a carpeted floor.

First, stop moving on your skates and slowly bend down to your knees. It’s for building muscle memory to gracefully fall when roller skating.

Start slowly if you want to improve at steady falls to the side or even forward. You’ll also learn how

2. If You Fall Forward, Bend Your Knees


Lowering your center of gravity can help you stay balanced. That’s why when feeling like you’re going to fall, you should bend your knee.

The extra support not only helps you stay balanced but also cushions your fall when you hit the ground.

As suggested by our skater and coach consultant: keep your knees slightly bent so you can fall forward onto your knee pads and wrist guards. This technique trains you to fall forward, not backward, which is more dangerous.

3. Pick a Side and Stick to It When You Fall Backwards on Your Roller Skates


Backward falls are more dangerous because you usually do not expect them. Thus, they result in more serious injuries. Direct falling on your tailbone is also very painful and would not be something you want.

So, lean slightly to one side when you feel like you’re about to fall backward.

You’re more likely to land on one cheek this way, thus avoiding a direct fell on tailbone. It could keep you from being sore all afternoon!

4. Protect Your Head and Hands

In the event of a fall when skating, the first instinct is to protect your head and those trusty hands. Tuck your chin in and place your hands front to absorb the force.

This is why it’s best to wear a sturdy helmet to safeguard your head and wrist guards to keep your wrists safe.


Are you ready to lace up your roller skates and excited to get rolling? This guide on “How to Fall Safely on Roller Skates” ought to come in helpful at some point!

Take heed of the tips and techniques provided in this article to learn how to fall safely and prevent those thrills from turning into disasters.

These basic precautions might mean the difference between a slight misstep and a big accident, so be cautious when you skate!

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