Welcome to Cora!

Cora is a space for skaters, founded by skaters. Here, you can find guides, listicles, reviews, comparison posts, question and answer posts, and other skating resources to fully embrace the sport. No matter where you are in your skating journey, you can connect with Cora on the shared love for skating.

Meet Our Team


Founder – Godfrey Rice

Born in 1990, Rice is a skating expert who fell in love with it as a sport and recreational activity at the age of 9. He does inline skating as well as roller skating. Throughout the years, Rice has built up an impressive collection of skating gear and honed the essential know-how. During the pandemic, when he was kept from hitting the skate park, Rice founded Cora with his roommate Gibson to share his skating knowledge and experience. The goal is to make skating more accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity.


Co-Founder – Roman Gibson

Gibson is a hardcore fan of ice skating competitions and roller derby. He knows all of the ins and outs and loves sharing about them with others. Before co-founding Cora with Rice, Gibson worked at an established skating center where he was able to see the elegance and excitement of skating first-hand. In addition to Cora’s overarching goal, Gibson’s personal goal is to get more people to appreciate skating as an art and leisure activity.


Content Writer – Marsh Harrison

Harrison is a skating enthusiast who picked up the sport during her student exchange years in Canada. She has been a skating coach for children and teens for 3 years and now holds classes as a freelancer. Harrison entwines her experience leading skating classes in the content published on Cora to help readers fall in love with skating, just like she did.


Content Writer – Wanda Harber

Harber is an aspiring professional skater who joined Cora with a simple goal: pass on her love of skating to the next generation. She trains on a daily basis and uses her own experiences as grounds for the content she publishes on Cora. Harber is also crazy about collecting skating gear. Everything she recommends on Cora is personally tested.

What people say about us

There is a skate park a few blocks from where I live, and every weekend, I would go there to watch others skate. This year, I am hitting the park on my own skates and showing off fancy tricks! All thanks to Cora! I wish I had found this blog earlier.


Maribel Hammes

I’ve always been interested in skating but held back from learning how to skate because of the seemingly complex know-how around it. Thanks to Cora, though, I’ve set my mind to mastering skating by the end of this year. I bought my very first skates last month and have been practicing non-stop since.


Weston Parker