Average Rollerblade Speed – How Fast Can You Go?


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average rollerblade speed

It’s always fun to ride on something wheeled. It doesn’t only make moving around smooth and seamless, but it’s also fast and a bit thrilling, depending on the skill level we’re at.

Perhaps, many people live by this idea by using rollerblades and skates. But can this footwear move as fast as we want? What is the average rollerblade speed?

Records show it’s about 5-15 miles per hour. However, several factors can affect these numbers. Keep reading to find out.

How Fast Can You Go on Rollerblades?


Rollerblades can be a great way to relax, compete, or commute. And like cars, these rolling sneakers can move at different speeds.

For the record, the average inline skating speed is 5-15 miles per hour. But where you are on the scale depends on the terrain level and personal skills.

Conceptually, smoother trails let you reach your fastest speeds, and efficient use of the legs will help you glide with less effort.

Can anyone go faster than this scale? Yes! Many skilled or professional roller skaters reach beyond 13 mph or 20 km/h. The truth is the official fastest rollerblades speed ever recorded and recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records sits at 168 miles per hour.

Essentially, any rollerblader can achieve these, given appropriate preparation and execution.

What about beginner skaters with fundamental skills? Of course, we can’t expect beginners to hit top speeds instantly. Hence, rollerbladers at this level often settle at around five or a few miles per hour.

Factors Influencing Rollerblade Speed


We’ve mentioned a few things about how a rollerblade’s speeds vary. Let’s highlight the factors that create this difference.

  • Terrain – Although we’re unlikely to bring rollerblades to sandy or dusty places, you may find yourself riding on sand one of these days.

You can reach a higher top speed on flat terrains, but sandy surfaces will create friction and prevent the wheels from moving. Bumpy pavements can also slow the rollerblades down.

  • Weather conditions – Rainy roads are slippery. And though they might help you speed up, they can also be dangerous. Other weather-related factors compromising a rollerblade’s speed are the wind and snow.

These can impose resistance and worsen the skating trail.

  • Skate weight – The concept is simple: heavy skates impose an added burden on the skater. Hence, try to use lighter yet well-performing rollerblades for better speed.
  • Skater skill level – For beginners, you shouldn’t feel bad about moving slowly, as skating at this level doesn’t require building speed yet. But as soon as you master the skills and movements in controlling a rollerblade, see if you can go faster

Tips for Improving Rollerblade Speed


Of course, every skater wants to achieve faster rides. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Check your wheels – Sometimes, the problem only rests on the wheels. Hence, check these rollers for flat spots and go for wider wheels if you can.
  • Use the best-fitting rollerblades – If comfort is necessary for a casual pair of shoes, the same should apply to rollerblades. Skaters must use well-fitted rollerblade skates to guarantee optimum control and gradually increase speed.
  • Build enough strength – Rollerblading isn’t a walk in the park. Besides the skills, it requires muscles to sustain movements and provide power when building speed.
  • Apply proper form – Of course, we can’t solely rely on the skating equipment for speed purposes. Our bodies control our movements, so we should also execute the best posture by bending our knees and avoid leaning too far forward or backwards.
  • Observe correct pushing – A common mistake among skaters is pushing with their heels. Such a habit doesn’t only deter speed but could also be dangerous. So, push with your toes, starting with short glides. Once comfortable, go for longer strides.


Anything is possible on a rollerblade. You can glide with style, commute, race, and do more. But while these seem exciting, results can still vary from one skater to another. That means we may not be reaching the same speed record as others.

Nonetheless, the average rollerblade speed can be your benchmark as you progress in the sport.

Above all, mind your safety. Only then will you get the best speedy rides.

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