Who Does the Ice Skating in Euphoria?


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who does the ice skating in euphoria

Doing your hobbies and watching your favorite series could be two different experiences. But what if your favorite binge-watch choice plays a scene that features your hobbies? It makes watching more interesting, right?

Perhaps, some ice skaters have felt this way watching Euphoria. But beyond the actual scene, who does the ice skating in Euphoria? It’s none other than Danielle Kahle. Many thought it was Sydney Sweeney all along. But keep reading as we talk more about this topic.

Ice Skating in Euphoria: Who Performed It?


It’s easy to admire artists for their exceptional acting and professionalism on screen. Many go the extra mile to embody and bring their characters to life.

And Cassie Howard, played by Sydney Sweeney, gave delight to ice skater fans of Euphoria. But as mentioned, it was not Sydney who did the ice skating scenes in the series’ 8th episode of the first season.

It was Danielle Kahle. Now that the speculation is over and several fans have already affirmed this fact, maybe it’s time we know more about Kahle.

Danielle started her ice skating journey at the age of three. From there, she became one of the most successful skaters across America because of her exceptional talent, skill, and showmanship.

Kahle had made commendable appearances in the ISU Junior Grand Prix, Pacific Coast Sectionals, 2001 US National Championships, and Novice Nationals, where she bagged numerous medals and podium finishes.

But before landing a feature in the Euphoria TV series, Danielle first appeared in Disney’s Ice Princess in 2004 and TLC’s Ice Diaries two years after.

If there’s one more remarkable ice skating break Danielle had in the media industry, it was when she took part in Lion King’s annual ice show.

Does Sydney Ice Skate?


We already know what Danielle can do as a stunt double in the series. But does Sydney Sweeney also do all these? Or can she ice skate?

Yes. However, although we should credit Sweeney’s effort to ice skate, Danielle had the experience and expertise to perform in a much more gracious and competitive sense.

Nonetheless, Sydney Sweeney was transparent about trying to learn figure skating to make her appearance in Euphoria more realistic. Even though she’s not an Olympian, Sydney is an athletic lady, undoubtedly fitting Cassie’s role in the series.


Let’s not deny it. Watching our favorite series becomes more entertaining if we see something interesting. And that is what happens every time ice skaters see Euphoria’s first season 8th episode.

So, who does the ice skating in Euphoria? It was Danielle Kahle. She was spectacular, showing the viewers how well Cassie Howard, played by Sydney Sweeney, can glide on ice.

Our appreciation goes to both ladies. If you’re a fan of a different sport, who knows, it will be featured in your favorite TV series soon.

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