How to Make Roller Skate Wheels Spin Faster? – Speed Boosting Tips


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how to make roller skate wheels spin faster

When we see objects with wheels, we often calculate how fast they go, be they cars, bicycles, skateboards, or skates.

Does speed also matter in roller skating? Absolutely! Today, we will learn how to make roller skate wheels spin faster. This article will show you ways to improve your roller skates’ speeds without compromising safety and setup quality.

Ways to Make Roller Skate Wheels Spin Faster

A roller skate’s wheel system consists of different components. Hence, we would work with these parts to ensure they have what it takes to build sufficient speed. Consider the following methods that are friendly for beginners and pro skaters.

1. For the Bearings

The bearings are one of the few pertinent components for improving the skate’s speed. Here’s what to do with them to make your roller skates faster.

Lubricate the bearings


This method only requires a brush, a clean cloth, and your preferred lubricant.

Assume you have already removed the bearing from the roller skate axles. Take your brush, put an ample amount of lubricant on it, and apply the substance to the wheel core.

Be sure not to put too much lubricant on the brush to avoid wastage. Once done, grab your clean cloth and wipe off any excess substance from the bearing.

Rub the bearings

Rubbing the bearings is a more straightforward way to improve their speed.

Here, skaters can proceed without tools like cleaners or lubricants, only sandpaper. So, as soon as you have this sheet, begin rubbing it against the bearing.

Once the rubbed parts achieve a reddish hue, soak the bearings into the water. Leave them there for hours. By then, the wheel core should have expanded because of the heat from rubbing.

Cleaning the bearings


Sometimes, external factors are why your wheels are not spinning well, and dirt is the most common. The good thing is we can remove them effortlessly. All we need is a water and vinegar solution.

So, begin by pulling your bearings off your skates. Mix equal proportions of water and vinegar in a bowl.

Take a brush and scrub the mixture against each bearing. Rinse all the scrubbed wheel cores with clean water and dry them before reinstalling.

2. For the Wheels

The wheels are another factor in your roller skate’s speed. Below are some hacks that can improve their speeds.

Check your trucks


One of the possible reasons the wheels don’t spin well or fast enough is the trucks. Often, these wheel holders have loose screws.

Hence, we should always have a roller skate tool. This way, we can adjust or tighten the screws on the trucks to improve the skate’s speed.

Change the wheels


Sometimes, our roller skates settings may not be the problem. Remember, the wheels deteriorate, and we might need to replace them after some wear and time.

Like the previous method, you only need a roller skate tool to remove and install the new wheels. If you have set up new skateboard wheels before, this should be easy.

So, after removing the old wheels, slide one wheel onto the axle. Follow with a nut, and tighten them so they stay in place.

Note that roller skate wheels have different sizes. Often, smaller 50 to 60mm wheels will move slower. When riding on rough surfaces, soft rollers are necessary to produce high speeds.

3. Loosen the Nuts

Sometimes, the axle nuts are a restrictive factor against your wheels’ speed.

And in this case, Reddit members would suggest you loosen your roller skate wheels nuts a bit. But when doing it, make sure you don’t get ‘play’ on the wheels (i.e. they shouldn’t wobble up and down).

Otherwise, your wheels might snap off the axles and cause serious trouble.


Skating fast not only puts you ahead of other skaters. It also makes your rides more fun and thrilling. However, with differences in the style, setup, and quality of roller skates, we cannot always guarantee the fastest rides.

Nonetheless, knowing how to make roller skate wheels spin faster is the first step to achieving our intended velocities. With only a few simple steps on working with the bearings, wheels, and hardware, we will finally improve our roller skates’ speed.

The process could be challenging at some point, but let’s keep our eyes on the faster, snappier outcome.

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