How to Skate Dance on Roller Skates?


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How to Make Roller Skate Wheels Spin Faster

When we see a pair of footwear with wheels, we often think of cruising on them, back and forth and around the block. Essentially, that’s why there are roller skates. However, these skates can do more beyond simple skating, like dancing.

Can we? Yes! Today, we will learn how to skate dance on roller skates. With fundamental dancing lessons, we can apply creativity and perform fun and impressive dance routines.

Ways to Skate Dance on Roller Skates

You must now be excited about the moves you can do while dancing on roller skates. Check out this roller skate dance moves list.

1. Crazy Legs


In crazy legs, skaters drop their feet one by one and lean on the side where the foot drops.

Specifically, skaters begin by lifting one heel with the tip touching the ground and pointing forward. Next, they drag the same foot to the side. The other foot follows the slide’s direction.

Then, skaters repeat the same routine with the other foot.

2. Moonwalk


Who wouldn’t know about this famous dance move? Perhaps, you have done it with regular shoes before, but try it on roller skates as well.

To perform a moonwalk, skaters should move one foot back behind the other foot.

Next, they must slide the foot in front towards the back and lift the heel, so that the feet exchange positions. Note that once you raise your second heel, the first should tap the ground simultaneously. This helps in preparation for another slide.

3. Electric Slide


This dance move is somewhat similar to crazy legs, where skaters move toward the side of the foot they move first.

So, assume a standing position with your feet parallel and pointed to the front.

Move one of your feet to the side so it forms a 90-degree angle with the other foot. Create a half circle by moving your other foot, so your body rotates 180°.

Next, do another half-circle heelside using the first foot you moved. Finally, point your opposing fingers up and toward your direction.

4. Spread Eagle


The spread eagle begins with a pump on one leg and a lean on the other.

So, as soon as you glide toward where you lean, bend your pumping leg and put your heels together. Such moves will put your feet in an almost-parallel position and your knees apart.

Next, extend your legs back to a standing position. Repeat the same movements on the opposing side.

5. Scissors


Scissors is a dance move for beginners to work around to make a more creative routine.

Here, skaters move their front and back foot forward and backward while keeping them in parallel positions, putting their weight on the latter. When doing this move, skaters should bend their knees to make the move more like dancing.

This move doesn’t require skaters to split their legs too far. A heel-to-toe displacement should be enough.

Once you master this easy move, you can improve it by applying rhythmic patterns and more styles.


Like dancing, roller skating isn’t restrictive of styles and moves. However, we should remember to practice gliding and turning before going for advanced spins and jumps.

Now that you know how to skate dance on roller skates, moving more creatively on this footwear will no longer have to be bland or awkward. The moves discussed above could only be a few of a hundred fundamental and combination routines you can do after mastering the basics.

So, it’s time to tie your roller skates on and make your best dance moves like a pro.

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