Why is Ice Skating So Hard? – Main Reasons


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why is ice skating so hardRegardless of the sport, most fusses often point to its difficulty. While all these claims can earn merit, we should remember our legends have gone through these.

One of the sports often getting these ires is ice skating. It’s no strange that at least someone who just started trying the sport would ask, “Why is ice skating so hard?

Although it is challenging in a few aspects, we will not know if it is for us unless we try it. Hence, keep reading this article as we address the hindrances and solutions for improved ice skating.

Is It Hard to Ice Skate?

As mentioned, ice skating can be inherently challenging, especially doing it for the first time. But that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. Here are the things that make the sport hard and often discourage people from trying.

1. Balance

Balance-in-ice-skatingExperts and experienced members of Quora would almost always point to balance as a primary challenge to all ice skaters. Imagine having to stabilize on two blades, and you have to do it on ice, an unfamiliar territory for beginners.

Nonetheless, our guides and coaches always remind us of the appropriate ice skating posture. Such entails lowering our core by bending our knees. This way, we manage our weight better and distribute it fairly.

2. Slippery skating surface

Slippery-skating-surfaceUnfortunately, we won’t be standing for hours in a skating rink. Hence, our balance continues getting tested, and it’s more challenging, sometimes dangerous, because ice is often slippery.

It would have been good if we were using footwear that holds firmly against the ice, but we’re using blades.

Can we counter it? No. But we can relieve the challenge by working on our balance more and using appropriate footwear and socks for the rink’s condition.

3. Braking system

Braking-systemBicycles, cars, and related vehicles have an established braking system. Skateboarding also offers several braking modes. Is braking on an ice skate as convenient as these? No.

What’s more, this skill requires full intervention by a professional skater. That’s because you should coordinate your body movements while keeping your balance and applying appropriate posture. It might sound too much, but your coaches will tell you how to incorporate every aspect.

4. The fear of falling and hurting

The-fear-of-falling-and-hurtingPerhaps many figure skating pros describing the times they fell on an ice skating rink scares you. Though inevitable, we should know what often causes these, like sharp skates, imbalance, incorrect posture, or sudden brakes. However, it’s usually in our head; the fear of falling and getting hurt stops many from trying.

But regardless of the cause, we still fall on the rink. The good news is there are ways to do it less injury-prone. And such is another skill you can earn with the help of a coach.

5. Blades

ice-skating-bladesSometimes, the challenge is what we wear. And more often, it’s on the skates.

Although ice skating blades are inherently thin for a skater to balance, they could be more challenging to work with as soon as the skate loses optimum condition.

Like skateboards and other skating equipment, ice skating blades can deteriorate through rusting and flattening. Hence, besides working on our skills, we should also learn to maintain our equipment to ease our difficulties skating.


For every problem, there comes a solution. What’s good is even if these issues keep resurfacing, we gradually become more confident as we resolve them.

Hence, if you’re still one of the people asking, “Why is ice skating so hard, you’ll soon realize it’s more manageable and achievable like every professional did. All we should focus on is identifying the problem, mastering the solutions, and neglecting how hard it is.

From there, our impressions of the sport being discouraging or odd will begin to subside, and our confidence will finally grow.

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