How to Prevent Roller Skating Blisters? – 5 Tips


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how to prevent roller skating blisters

One of the best ways to enjoy fair, warm weather is by heading to a park and beginning a skate ride. But while it’s relaxing, it can also be risky. Some could be skating with plantar fasciitis, while others complain their shins hurt.

Cuts, bruises, and blisters, though not the most gruesome injuries, are culprits behind these problems. More about blisters — how bad can these skin irritations get? How to prevent roller skating blisters?

Keep reading, as this article shares some of the most effective methods to counter this annoying skin condition. By employing them, we won’t have to skate with blisters.

Ways to Prevent Roller Skating Blisters

Blisters are bubbles that surface on the skin for several reasons, and roller skating is one of them. The good news is we have simple yet effective ways to counter them.

Method 1: Wear Thick Socks and (Optional) Orthotics


Friction against the feet causes blisters. Hence, to prevent them, it’s best to wear thick socks for roller skating. These will help thicken the barrier between the insides of the skate shoes and your feet’ skin.

Reddit users also advise the same hack. And if you have plantar fasciitis or another serious condition, I recommend seeing a podiatrist, (maybe) starting physical therapy and using orthotics as well.

Method 2: Use Appropriate Skating Shoes

A wrong pair of roller skates can be why the bottom of the feet hurt, is painful, or prevents you from skating altogether. And yes, blisters can have a role in these.

So, when choosing a roller skate, make sure it’s your shoe size. Getting a bigger or smaller pair will not only give you blisters but also stop you from skating well.

Method 3: Push With Your Whole Foot


A common mistake roller skaters often fall into is pushing with their toes. Such a habit puts more pressure on the skater’s toes, plus it makes the heels move up and down.

With friction being the primary cause of blisters, the up and down movements of the heels will trigger skin bubbles to form.

Hence, skaters should get used to pushing with their whole foot. This way, their feet will have a firmer platform, and skating speeds will be more consistent.

Method 4: Nylon and Polyester Socks

Besides using thick socks, several skaters also advise adding a layer of polyester or nylon socks under the primary sock. These layers help prevent friction on your feet.

Method 5: Keep your roller skates clean and break them in


Finding the perfect roller skate pair is good. But we should remember to clean this footwear to eliminate dirt and other elements that irritate the skin.

It’s also vital to roller skate for short periods of time while breaking the shoes in, then increase the usage time later when the footwear has softened up.

How to Treat Blisters From Roller Skating


It may sound unfortunate, but we may not always be able to prevent blisters from skating. Most people will resort to blister pads for the feet, but we have a few more ways to treat them.

  1. Keep the blisters clean – This method will help prevent infections and hasten the blister’s healing.
  2. Cover the blister – You don’t want the blister to burst, especially during your rides. Hence, cover the hurt side of the foot with a loose bandage or band-aid before starting a ride.


Roller skating is undeniably fun. However, it’s not always as calming as we want it to be because of discomfort from injuries like blisters.

Nonetheless, now that you know how to prevent roller skating blisters and treat them, riding these wheeled shoes should no longer be a problem. All we should do is remember what causes them and their appropriate treatment.

By then, we’ll be more confident riding and make roller skates more comfortable.

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