How to Put on Inline Skates & Tips for Comfort


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how to put on inline skates

One of the first things you need to learn when starting out with rollerblades is how to wear them. Putting on rollerblades properly ensures that you can skate smoothly and safely.

In this short guide, we will show you how to put on inline skates step-by-step. Moreover, we will provide tips on how to make them more comfortable. Read until the end for a solid grasp!

How to Wear Rollerblades

Step 1 – Sit Down & Start Unfastening The Buckles, Straps, Laces


To start, sit down so that both of your feet can comfortably rest on the ground. Unlike regular shoes, you cannot put them on while standing. Open the buckles and straps and untie the laces to get access to the tongue of the rollerblades.

Step 2 – Pull The Tongue Out To Make Room & Place Your Foot In


Pull the skate’s tongue out towards the front, so there is room for you to slide your foot in. Slip the tip of your foot in first, then push the rest of your foot in.

Make sure to kick your heel back for a snug position. Once your foot is placed inside, readjust the tongue. It should be properly centered and aligned.

Step 3 – Tie The Laces


After that, tie the laces. It must be tight but not too tight: strike a balance by checking that your foot feels comfortable but cannot slide back and forth inside. Also, note that your toes should not be cramped. To test, try wiggling them around.

Remember: your feet will swell slightly during your activity. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to make the skates tight-fitting.

Step 4 – Fasten The Straps & Buckles


Secure the straps and buckles. It is best to work from the bottom to the top. You should apply the same tight but not too tight principle. With a proper fit, you will not be able to slide two fingers or more in while you are seated.

Step 5 – Check The Fit & Go For A “Test Drive”


Repeat all the steps for your other roller skate. Then, to wrap up everything, check that every part is well-fastened. Stand up slowly while wearing the skates to see if they can adequately hold your feet. Finally, skate around. Do not speed just yet. Observe how the skates and your feet feel. Make sure you check the edges too.

Remember that none of the buckles, straps, and laces should come loose as you test-skate. If they do, you are doing something wrong. Sit down to restart the process if necessary. Do not just dismiss it and move on. Imagine rolling down a ramp and the roller skates flying off. You can get seriously injured!

How to Make Inline Skates More Comfortable?


Here are some simple ways you can make your rollerblades more comfortable:

  • Lace your skates with two sets to reduce toe numbing
  • Lace the middle part of the skates vertically to reduce arch discomfort
  • Use waxed laces to secure the skates’ tongues, which can slip can cause discomfort


Now, you know how to put on inline skates. The next time you go rollerblading, you just need to apply the exact steps you have read today. Remember to warm up, take breaks, and cool down after your sessions to keep your feet comfortable!

If you have any other questions about putting on rollerblades and how to use them, reach out to us in the comments down below!

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