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best places to practice roller skating near you

Roller skating can be a healthy and entertaining activity for people of all ages. If you are looking to get some exercise and have fun at the same time, roller skating may be the right choice for you.

There are plenty of places around the country where you can practice skating moves and hone your skills, but which is the best place for you? In this short blog post, we will go through a list of the best places to practice roller skating near you.

Read until the end to know the details of all your options and make an informed final call!

Best Places to Practice Roller Skating

Finding a suitable place to practice roller skating is more important than you might think. If you skate in a spot that you should not be skating in, you will not have fun and can even get hurt. So, where should you skate? Read on to find out!

#1 – Roller Skate Rinks


The number one spot to go for roller skating is the nearest roller skating rink. Why? Because rinks are made for skaters. No one will raise an eyebrow if they see you rolling through there. You will not have to worry about the space not being smooth enough as well.

At local skate rinks, you will also have the opportunity to meet other skaters and become a part of a close-knit community. Practice with and learn from other skaters to acquire more fulfilling experiences.

You can easily find roller skating rinks by jumping on the Internet and doing a Google search for “Roller skating rinks open” or “rinks for adult roller skating near me.”

However, note that most indoor roller skating rinks are not free. You will have to pay a small amount, around $10-$30/hour, to enter.

#2 – Roller Skate Parks


A roller skate park is the other top option when it comes to roller skating places. Similar to roller skating rinks, skate parks are constructed for skaters. You can look for “Parks to roller skate near me” online to know where to go.

Some parks are privately-owned, so you will have to pay an admission fee — usually around $12. If you prefer not to, be sure to find a public park.

#3 – Parking Garages


Parking garages make fantastic roller skating areas with their open, smooth surfaces. You can definitely consider them as an alternative to outdoor roller rinks.

There are pillars that you can use as support for balancing or for pushing off when doing tricks. It is also possible for you to take advantage of the curbs in the space. Practice going on, off and over them to gain the skills for outdoor roller skating in the future.

However, you should only be at parking garages outside of their business hours. There will be no people or moving vehicles that you might get in the way of. So, you can skate freely and safely.

#4 – Church Parking Lots


You can also roller skate in church parking lots. Like parking garages, these are open spaces with smooth surfaces. But better than parking garages, they are usually empty. You can skate in them without worrying about always having to avoid cars and people.

Church parking lots are also rather well-maintained. So, there is a low chance you will encounter cracks, rocks, branches, etc., while skating.

#5 – Basketball Courts


Basketball courts are good places to roller skate. You can go for outdoor or indoor ones; just be sure to check that you have permission to use the courts. Public schools’ basketball courts are, in general, quite welcoming.

A bonus is that there is a good chance you will make a lot of friends skating at a public basketball court! You should remember not to get in the way of people shooting hoops, though. It is a place dedicated to basketball players, after all.

#6 – School Tracks


A place on school grounds that you can head over to practice roller skating is the track. Its surface is smooth enough for safe skating. But, as with school basketball courts, you must ask for permission to enter. Do not try to sneak in and use it while students are there!

#7 – Tennis Courts


It is possible to roller skate on tennis courts too. Towns usually have one to two public courts. So, you do not have to worry about not being able to find one.

All tennis courts are smooth. However, some are coated with rubber material, which can be difficult to skate on because they make the surface grippy. So, try to look for ones that are not rubbery. Alternatively, opt for softer wheels, preferably ones used for outdoor skating.

To avoid interrupting tennis players, make sure that you roller skate when there’s no one occupying the court!

#8 – Subway Stations


If you prefer roller skating late, you can go to a subway station. It is one of the best places to go roller skating during off-peak hours. However, to ensure that you do not get into any trouble, particularly with local authority, check for no-skater signages before you start rolling.

#9 – Picnic Shelters


Picnic shelters are also great public roller skating spots. You can find these in parks all across the country. They are covered and paved, offering skaters smooth surfaces to practice on. Simply rearrange the picnic tables and chairs to free up space.

Note: In the summer, picnic shelters can be crowded. It is best to avoid them during this season, unless you rent the shelter. This is an excellent idea if you want to roller skate with others!

#10 – Backyards


If you have a backyard, you certainly will not have to search far and low for a skating spot. You can make your own backyard roller skating rink! There are a lot of benefits to doing this.

For starters, you do not have to worry about seeking permission. If you are an introvert, you will be glad that there are no other eyes that can make you feel out of place. You are free to blast loud music while practicing and head back inside to grab snacks or drinks too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I roller skate on the grass?

Yes, you can! Roller skating on grass is actually quite helpful for beginners learning to balance as well as maintain the right posture in their skates. It is also less painful to fall on grass than other surfaces like concrete.

However, grass is not the ideal skating surface for the long run. Grass can limit speed and wear out your skates more quickly because it has a lot of dirt and debris.

Read more: Guide to roller skate outside for beginners

Can I roller skate on wet ground?

You can, but you should avoid it if possible. It is dangerous to skate on wet surfaces because you can slide, slip, and face-plant. In addition, the moisture that your skate wheels come into contact with will cause them to rust and wear out more quickly.

What wheels should I use for outdoor roller skating?

Outdoor roller skates should use softer wheels. The recommended durometer range is from 78A to 87A. These wheels offer good grip so you can pass over obstacles, such as small stones, cracks, etc. They also give you more rebound, which is necessary for dealing with uneven surfaces.

Should I use hard wheels for indoor roller skating?

Yes. Hard wheels are better than soft wheels for indoor roller skating. They will be less grippy on smooth surfaces inside like rinks. You can look for ones between 96A and 99A.


This list of the best places to practice roller skating near you has provided you with nine different spots to consider. Some are inside and some are outside. They each have their pros and cons. To choose the best one for yourself, think about your wants and needs.

Let us know which you choose in the comments down below!

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