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Roller Skating Tricks List (15 Tricks Name & Tutorials)


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Godfrey Rice

roller skating tricks list

Roller skating is a dynamic and captivating activity that offers enthusiasts a diverse range of tricks to master and showcase.

In this roller skating tricks list, we will explore various techniques, such as crossovers, bubbles, two-foot spins, moonwalk, backward skating, 180-degree jump, shoot-the-duck, Salchow, and so on.

Read on to discover various trick names and their tutorials!

7 Easy Tricks for Beginners


1. Crossovers


Crossovers involves crossing one foot over the other while skating in a forward direction. By angling your body and legs correctly, you create a smooth and efficient turn, allowing you to navigate corners and curves with greater control and speed.

2. Bubble


The bubble is a playful beginner trick where you bend your knees and place your feet in a V formation. Then, your feet would push forward and outward before coming together again.

This technique is great for small spaces and an ideal preparation for those about to learn how to skate backward.

3. Two-foot spin


The two-foot spin is a foundational spinning trick that focuses on coordination and balance. To do this trick, you will start by gliding forward on both feet, then initiate a controlled spin by turning your skates, shifting your weight, and using your arms for balance.

As you turn, your skates stay on the ground, and you work on maintaining a steady rotation. This trick is an excellent stepping stone for more complex spins.

4. Moonwalk

Inspired by the iconic move by Michael Jackson, the moonwalk on roller skates involves sliding one foot backward while keeping the other stationary. Essentially, you’ll be gliding backward, but the trick will make you look like you’re walking forward.

Mastering the moonwalk adds a touch of style and creativity to your skating repertoire, demonstrating your ability to manipulate movement and weight distribution.

5. Backward skating


Transitioning from forward skating, backward skating involves gliding in reverse. To do this technique, you will use specific foot movements like swizzles or scissors to maintain stability and control while facing the opposite direction.

6. Backward crossovers


Building upon the foundational crossover technique, backward crossovers allow you to gracefully navigate turns while skating in reverse. By crossing one foot over the other in a fluid motion, you can maintain control and confidently glide backward around corners.

7. Spread eagles


Spread eagles are an advanced trick that showcases flexibility, balance, and a strong core. In this move, you extend both legs outward with your toes pointing outward while gliding forward. Your arms are usually positioned outward for stability, resembling an eagle in flight.

4 Cool Intermediate Roller Skating Moves

1. 180 jump


The 180 jump combines an aerial jump with a 180-degree spin in mid-air. You’ll start by jumping off the ground, then initiate a controlled spin, making a half-turn before landing.

This trick requires timing, balance, and precise body movement to execute a clean spin and a smooth landing.

2. Grapevine


The grapevine is a transitional technique often used in dance and skating routines. It involves moving sideways while crossing one foot in front of the other and then behind it in a fluid motion.

The artistic grapevine allows you to seamlessly change directions while maintaining momentum, making it a valuable skill for choreography and freestyle skating.

3. Shoot the duck


Shooting the duck involves bending one knee deeply into a squatting position on one foot while extending the other leg forward. This move can improve your balance, legs’ strength, and serve as a great precursor to a sit spin.

4. Wheeler


The 4-Wheeler is a stylish and intermediate trick that involves rolling on only two wheels in each skate. This move showcases your ability to control your skates and balance while maintaining forward momentum.

4 Crazy Advanced Roller Skating Techniques

1. Salchow


The Salchow is a complex and advanced trick borrowed from figure skating. It involves skating backward, doing a one-leg twist, and making a graceful jump, where you take off on one foot and land on the other.

Mastering the Salchow on roller skates requires impeccable timing, body control, and the ability to execute a precise spin while maintaining your balance.

2. Heart attack


The heart attack is an eye-catching and complex trick that demands strength and coordination. To perform it, you will jump into the air from a squat, tucking your knees and chin to your chest. Then you’ll need to roll forward as you land.

The challenge lies in achieving the proper rollerskating poses while in mid-air and smoothly transitioning back to a standing position upon landing.

3. Death drop


The death drop is a high-risk, high-reward move that involves jumping with the help of a wall or rail. This trick requires precise timing, control, and courage, as it can have a visually stunning impact when executed like a pro.

4. Inverted tricks


Inverted tricks encompass a range of maneuvers performed while in an inverted or upside-down position. This could include handstands on skates, spins with one leg extended upward, or even aerial flips.

These quad tricks can appear in jam skating and are the pinnacle of roller skating skill, requiring an advanced level of strength, balance, and fearlessness. They often serve as the highlight of performances and demonstrations.

Tips for Learning & Performing Roller Skating Tricks


  • Safety First: Before attempting any tricks, wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and suitable footwear.
  • Practice Regularly: Repetition helps build muscle memory and confidence, making trick execution smoother over time.
  • Stay Relaxed: Tension in your body can hinder your movements. Stay relaxed and maintain a fluid motion while attempting tricks.
  • Use Controlled Speed: Excessive speed can make it harder to maintain balance and control.
  • Warm Up: Before attempting tricks, warm up your muscles with some gentle stretches and basic skating exercises to prevent injuries.
  • Record Yourself: Use a camera or smartphone to record your attempts. Reviewing your performance can help you identify areas for improvement.


Roller skating is an art that enables individuals to express themselves through a multitude of intricate tricks. From foundational to gravity-defying moves, each trick contributes to a skater’s growth in terms of skill and self-assurance.

As you embark on your roller skating journey with this roller skating tricks list, remember that safety, progression, and determination are crucial!

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