5 Best Wrist Guards for Roller Skating to Keep Your Wrists Safe


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Adverse as it sounds, but the more we move, the more we become vulnerable to physical accidents. Especially in sports, the risks of getting hurt or injured are always present. And they get even higher if we practice without appropriate equipment.

One of the ways to counter these instances is by gearing up with the best wrist guards for roller skating. While there is more safety equipment we can use when skating, let’s first focus on these hand-worn products. Here are a few significant aspects to consider.


Perhaps, the first thing we’ll assess when checking wristguards is their material composition. Such an aspect often suggests their durability and overall quality when worn.

Different materials can make up a skating wrist guard. These could be fabric, stiff foam, animal skin, or carbon fiber. Each has a unique advantage in lightness, ventilation, and density.

And as a rule, lighter materials are best for skating in hot weather, while the denser ones are for added wrist protection for skating.

Gear fit

Wrist guards should also fit us the way our roller skates do. So, how can we ensure we buy a perfectly suitable wrist guard?

A wrist guard comes with straps as the primary adjustment channels. Our role as skaters is to fit the gear on our hands, lock it using the straps, and move our wrists. The guard should not restrict our movements and, at the same time, not be too loose.


The most commonly used designs are half-finger, full-finger, and fingerless wristguards. Full-finger types are for skaters doing sliding tricks whose hands glide against the ground.

On the other hand, the half-finger style leaves your fingerprints open. While it may look less protective, it allows more flexibility for our hands.

Ultimately, the fingerless wrist guards leave almost the entire hand of the skater free.

More factors are discussed in this article’s buying guide. From there, we will assess what combinations of aspects work best for us. But for now, let us learn more about roller skating wrist guards through the following products.

3 Premium-Rated Picks

JBM 3-in-1

Inclusions – 2X wrist guards, 2X elbow pads, 2X knee pads

Materials – Polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, plastic, EVA

Item weight – 0.53kg

Triple Eight Wristsaver

Style – Slide-on sleeve

Number of items – 2

Suited users – Male and female

187 Killer Pads

Material – Ballistic nylon, V-22 dual-density foam, plastic

Color variants – Black, rainbow

Item weight – 0.04 ounces

5 top-rated Wrist Guards for Roller Skating

1. JBM 3-in-1 Protective Gear Set

Inclusions – 2X wrist guards, 2X elbow pads, 2X knee pads

Materials – Polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, plastic, EVA

Suited activities – Skateboarding, roller skating, bicycle riding, and BMX

Item weight – 0.53kg

Check price on Amazon

These are not mere wrist guards, as the JBM 3-in-1 Protective Gear Set provides comprehensive heightened protection when skating.

Along with the pair of wrist guards are knee and elbow protectors. While these could be optional, having these defensive accessories adds more confidence and security for the skater.

Focusing more on the wrist guard, the first thing I love about this pair is its design. It has a half-finger with a thumb-hole design, giving the skater’s fingers more freedom when riding.

Besides that, each guard has a sturdy plastic plate that protects the palm from impact. Hence, despite being half-finger in design, the skater’s palms will stay safe while wearing these wrist protectors.

These wrist guards are not typical guard gloves that have only one fit. While wearing each gear, skaters have three straps to adjust the tightness of the wrist guard.

I think they have the ideal balance of comfort. Each comes packed with EVA foam padding, giving the hands a snug fit. What’s better is this foam layer is durable enough to handle roller skating activities. So, while these pieces might be soft and smooth, they can still last long.

For the price, these inline skating wrist guards likely fall within the majority’s budget. It might sound costly for a few. But having three types of defensive equipment already makes this product cost-efficient. Add the performance and durability, and these accessories are of good quality.

On the downside, a few skaters complained about the edges slightly irritating their skins. Nonetheless, the fabric doesn’t cause extreme discomfort during use.

  • Three-set gear pieces containing protection for the knees, wrists, and elbows
  • Half-finger thumb-hole design for better finger freedom
  • Sturdy plastic plate on the palm for impact protection
  • Comfortable wrist guards with durable EVA foam and adjustable straps
  • Reasonably priced wrist gears
  • Slight scratching from the guard’s edges

2. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards

Style – Slide-on sleeve

Color – Black

Number of items – 2

Suited users – Male and female

Check price on Amazon

They might look like random hand sleeves, but the Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards come styled more effectively than they look.

These wristguards have a slide-on design, which allows skaters to wear them on their hands directly and without hassle. As a user, I only slide my fingers through the holes, lock the strap, and it’s all good. The design feels simple, and it’s not restrictive in movements.

Despite being plain gear, this product ensures the skater’s comfort through its fabric choice. These Triple 8 wrist guards feature a 4-way stretch nylon textile, giving them a firm, snug fit. Hence, besides being non-restrictive, they are also comfortable for the hands.

Of course, this brand doesn’t disappoint in quality. The first guarantee of it is the EVA cushioning. This foam layer isn’t only to add comfort. But it’s more of a form of protection. This EVA layer absorbs shock that hits the hands when falling off or suffering a mishap on a roller skate.

Besides the EVA padding, this wrist guard exhibits durability in its ABS splints. These solid pieces serve as the wrist gear’s ultimate protection against impact. Each ABS plate comes in a high-density body. So, it’s a reliable support that contributes to longevity.

However, be reminded that this product may run small. It is better to go up one size to ensure the fit isn’t too tight.

  • Simple slide-on design for easy wearing and less hand restriction
  • 4-way stretch nylon textile for optimum comfort
  • EVA foam that improves shock absorption
  • High-density ABS plastic splints add overall durability and impact protection
  • May run small

3. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard

Material – Ballistic nylon, V-22 dual-density foam, plastic

Color variants – Black, rainbow

Item weight – 0.04 ounces

Suited usage – Skating, skateboarding, outdoor activities

Check price on Amazon

Like some brands, the 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard invests in quality industrial-grade fabric and soft foams. But besides that, this product aims to give the skater’s hand the best fit.

These wrist guards come with an angled design that complements the usual form of a human’s hand. Hence, these pieces feel less straining and fit the wrist more snugly.

The brand incorporates durability in its products through the tiniest details. And it’s evident on the finger seams of this wrist guard. The thumb and palm holes come reinforced if we check closely. These fabric edges might not look too relevant. But realistically, they help prolong the wrist guard’s life.

I think these are the most secure roller derby wrist guards to date. The design doesn’t only have a snug hand and wrist fit, but it also comes with three heavy-duty strap locks. This way, skaters can lock the sleeve from both ends and in the middle part.

Another aspect many skaters and I love about this wrist guard model is its different color variations, available in both black and a rainbow hue. While style isn’t a factor in an accessory’s performance, it complements skaters’ color preferences. They can match clothing or roller skate colors with their protective gear.

It’s not an absolute disadvantage of these wristguards. But they become smelly from sweat. So, they might need frequent washing to stay fresh.

  • Industrial-grade fabric and soft foam
  • Angled design for a better hand and wrist fit
  • Reinforced thumb and palm holes for optimum durability and longevity
  • Three heavy-duty strap locks for a secure fit
  • Black and rainbow color variations for added style and creativity
  • Tends to be smelly from sweat

4. BOSONER Wrist Guards for Roller Skating

Material – Cotton, EVA padding, ABS plastic

Number of items – 2

Suited activities – Roller skating, scooter, biking, skateboarding

Available user sizes – Kids, youth, adults

Check price on Amazon

The BOSONER Wrist Guards for Roller Skating are famous for their uniqueness in several aspects.

The first manifestation is in their design. BOSONER is a bit far from the casual sleeve style of wristguards. Instead, it’s like a palm-shaped protector with two straps that wrap the hand.

What’s better is it leaves the back of the palm open, which means it’s cooler in that area.

If it’s the heat and sweat most skaters worry about, these wristguards could be the solution. Behind the outer ABS splint is a sturdy, high-grade fabric stuffed with EVA foam padding. And the effect? Skaters get to experience less sweating. Subsequently, the wrist guard might not be as smelly.

Even with less fabric and more ventilation, this wrist brace for roller skating stays durable. As mentioned, it has ABS shells that are thick and impact-resistant. Let’s add that the brand designed these pieces to have a robust build that can withstand movements and even some mishaps in roller skating.

I find this product convenient when resting after a ride and wanting to relax my hands. This is because it comes with a mesh carry bag that houses the guards when I don’t use them. It’s not a performance aspect, but it makes the wristguards more portable.

Based on experience, my sole minor issue was when I unboxed this product. It had a strong plastic smell. But it faded away eventually.

  • Uniquely shaped wrist guard that’s open behind the palm for more ventilation
  • High-grade fabric with EVA foam padding that reduces sweating
  • Impact-resistant ABS splints paired with a robust design for superior durability
  • Mesh carry bag included for better portability
  • A strong plastic smell when fresh outside the packaging

5. KULEDM Wrist Guard

Color – Black

Suited user age – Adults

Material composition – Cotton, breathable cushion, ABS plastic shell

Package inclusions – Two wristguards

Check price on Amazon

The KULEDM Wrist Guard is one of the least restrictive wrist protectors I know.

This wrist guard features a pair of ABS plastic bone shells that protects the skater’s palms from cuts, bruises, or any related injury. And like the previous product, this guard leaves the hand’s back almost open with only the straps securing it. Hence, it’s more breathable and light to wear.

Despite not having a body that wraps the entire wrist and hands, these wrist guards for skating keep everything in place through their nylon straps. These components are adjustable around the palms and wrists. And what’s better is they retain the optimum movement range of the skater’s hands.

If some skaters complain about other brands only sending a single wrist piece, they won’t need to worry about this roller skate protective gear. KULEDM already offers a pair of wristguards, which means skaters can secure both hands instantly and without spending more.

Aside from being non-restrictive in movements, this wrist guard is functionally versatile. It doesn’t only work for roller skating. Instead, it can also be for skateboarding, skiing, motocross, snowboarding, inline skating, and more. It’s safe to say this wrist guard is cost-efficient, seeing its versatility.

However, a few customers complained about the Velcro tape being short. That could be a safety issue. So, buyers should sew in another patch of Velcro before wearing this product.

  • ABS plastic that protects the palms from injuries
  • Breathable and light design
  • Adjustable nylon straps that keep the hands’ optimum movement range
  • Two-piece wrist guards in one package
  • Suited for other sports besides roller skating, such as motocross & snowboarding
  • The Velcro tape was a bit short.

What to Look for When Buying Wrist Guards for Roller Skating?


You likely now know how protective roller skating accessories differ from each other. Let us amplify their differences more through the following buying considerations.

Design and build

The wrist guard’s overall structure can tell if it’s worth spending on. So, what designs are the most commonly used today?

Earlier, we tackled full-finger guards that secure all the hand’s corners for sliding tricks and half-finger ones that leave the fingertips free. But let’s focus on the much more common design for roller skating, the fingerless wristguards.

Sometimes called slip-on, fingerless wrist guards are like sleeves that slide on the skater’s hand. Of course, these items have fastening features in the straps to keep them secure. We also have another fingerless-style wrist guard in the wrap type. Such a style doesn’t need to slide on the skater’s hand. Instead, it wraps the rider’s palms and wrists and gets locked by straps

Material composition

Besides our skating shoes or wheels, we should care about what materials make up our protective accessories.

  • Fabric

Roller skating wrist guards use durable textiles, with nylon being one of the most popular and animal skin and latex as other variants. But whatever you land on, make sure it’s a breathable and light material to ease your hands from heat and stress.

  • Cushioning

Our hands can still catch injuries if we go skating with an unpadded wrist guard. Hence, we should look for wrist protectors stuffed with paddings for added cushioning.

Often, manufacturers use quality stiff foams. In the case of the products we reviewed, they use EVA foam. Materials like these reduce the shocks that befall the skater’s hand during a fall against the ground.

  • Exterior support

The paddings aren’t our only defense against impact. Reliable wrist guards come with sturdy plastic splints, like ABS plastic, on both sides of the hands. Some brands only place these in front of the palm. These solid pieces of plastic are the first to receive force hitting the skater’s hands.

  • Straps

The straps are like a shoe’s laces. They fasten the wrist guard securely on the hand. Strap styles for roller skating may vary regarding the number of straps or their locking feature.

Some wristguards only have two straps, while others have three. If one thing’s common between these styles, it’s that they often have Velcro tape to fasten firmly.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Albeit the physical aspects yield the most impact and reliability, we should also not miss out on these areas.

  1. Flexibility

The best thing about wrist guards is they are adjustable to the skater’s tightness preference. And with such a feature, a perfectly adjusted wrist guard should allow skaters to move their hands during rides. Stiff hand and wrist sleeves mean discomfort and can cause the skater inconvenience.

  1. Price

How much we are willing to spend can also determine the quality of our wrist guard. On average, the cheapest wristguards cost about $20. The prices could go up to $50 depending on the design, brand, and other pertinent factors.

What Are Wrist Guards for Roller Skating? How Does It Work?

Wrist guards are lightweight protective accessories skaters wear to secure their hands and wrists during roller skating.

A well-made wrist guard prevents bones, joints, and other hand parts from injuries caused by bad falls. And such a feature is possible because wristguards counter impact and absorb considerable shock from mishaps on a roller skate.

What Are the Different Types of Wrist Guards for Roller Skating?

We mentioned fingerless, full-finger, and half-finger wrist guards as the common wrist guard styles for skating. But many skaters might not know yet that these protective pieces also come in types: Level 1 and 2.

Level 1 wrist guards are for superior comfort manifested in lighter materials. These pieces yield the best airflow, maximum hand flexibility, and less restriction for a skater.

On the other hand, skating wrist guards adults use classified under Level 2 exhibit extended coverage around the hands and wrists. That means the sleeves are longer, and the paddings plus straps are broader. However, with the added range of these guards, some might feel discomfort.

Why Do You Need Wrist Guards for Roller Skating?

The reality that we are susceptible to skating injuries already tells us we need protective accessories like wrist pads skating anywhere.

When falling off a roller skate or skateboard, our mind and body’s initial reaction would be to push our hands first against the falling surface. And for our arms and wrist to carry sudden weight without support, injuries transpire.

Hence, we have wristguards to contain impact and prevent accidents from cracking our bones and joints.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted wrist guards for roller skating brands?

Any skating gear brand can claim it has the best quality wrist guard around. But after going over hundreds of products, here are our top picks for the most reliable wristguards.

  1. Triple Eight Wristsaver
  2. 187 Killer Pads
  3. Burton Impact
  4. Bosoner
  5. Ennui City Brace
  6. Rector Proformer

Tips for wearing wrist guards for roller skating

Planning to put on wrist guards for the first time? Here’s to ensure they fit you well.

  1. Start by securing the appropriate wrist guard size. Sizing guides are in almost every package or product ad.
  2. Always search for the thumb hole first. Designs with thumbholes on the right are for the right hand.
  3. Splints are always for the palm. Good if your guard has two, but the sturdiest protective shield should always be at the back.
  4. Wear the wrist guards one by one to ensure a better fit.
  5. Fasten the wrist guard with its straps.
  6. Never forget to test your wrist guard by moving your entire hand and fingers. The test should tell if the gear restricts your hands and wrists or is too loose.

Do wrist guards for roller skating protect against fractures?

While severe fractures are not 100% eliminated by wristguards, these gear pieces help reduce the impact suffered by the hands from skating falls. So, with the varying intensity of fracture-causing mishaps, it’s safe to affirm that wristguards can protect against bone ruptures.

How tight should wrist guards be?

Besides picking the wrong size, another mistake a skater can fall into is wearing the wrist guard too tightly. But what is the ideal tightness of a skating wrist protector? Here’s a short checklist.

  1. The wrist guard should have a snug feel on all sides of the hand it covers.
  2. The splints should conform to the palm’s shape.
  3. The straps or Velcro lock pairs should overlap at least halfway or have their ends aligned.


With fun and thrill in roller skating comes safety hazards. They are not to discourage us but to remind us to be careful and safe. And one of the ways to achieve it is by using protective equipment.

With the best wrist guards for roller skating, we are a step closer to safe skate rides. Remember, a quality wrist guard has a durable body and firm components that can withstand impact and reduce the risk of injuries. Many brands now have these, so let’s choose more carefully.

From there, we’ll finally protect our hands and learn about more safety accessories for our favorite activity.

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