How Much is Roller Skating per Person? (Money-Saving Tips)


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how much is roller skating per person

Whether you are a seasoned skater or a beginner lacing up your first pair of wheels, understanding the costs involved is an essential part of planning your skating adventures.

So, how much is roller skating per person? On average, the combined cost to enter rinks and rent roller skates is $10-$14. However, the price can vary depending on the location, type of facility, and any additional services or amenities offered.

Keep reading to arm yourself with all the necessary information to make informed choices and get the most out of your skating experiences!


Cost Breakdown for Roller Skating


Skating Rink Cost to Get in

The price of roller skating admissions averages $10-$14 per person. However, this can vary significantly depending on the specific facility and location. Some places may offer discounted entrance fees for adults in large groups or children.

Additional Fees


In addition to admission, there might be extra fees for certain services or options:

  • Skate Rental: Skate rental fees average from $2 to $5 per pair. The specific cost depends on the type you rent as well. Quads are usually less expensive than inline skates.
  • Locker Rental: Some rinks provide lockers for storing personal belongings and may charge a small fee of $3 to $5 per locker.
  • Skate Aid Rental: Roller skating rinks sometimes offer skate aids, such as walkers or penguins, for beginners to assist with balance. You may be charged $4 to $25 for these.

Examples of Roller Skating Price per Person

Name Of Roller Skating Rink Admissions Fee Rentals Fee
Skate Zone On Weekdays: $6.50

On Saturdays & Sundays: $8 – $10

Skate World $15 – $20 $12 – $20
LeFrak Center On Weekdays: $9.25

On Saturdays & Sundays: $13.5

Crystal Palace Skating Center On Weekdays: $10 – $13

On Saturdays & Sundays: $13


5 Factors That Affect Roller Skating Prices

  • Location: Roller skating rinks in urban areas or popular tourist destinations may have higher prices than those in smaller towns or rural areas.
  • Facility Type & Quality: Upscale rinks with modern amenities, well-maintained surfaces, and advanced lighting and sound systems often have higher admission fees compared to simpler, more basic rinks.
  • Peak Hours: Prices may be higher during peak hours, such as evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Duration: Some places may charge based on the length of time you skate, with hourly rates or session-based pricing.
  • Pre-Book Or Walk-In: Many facilities offer the option to pre-book your session or admission online, which can sometimes come with discounted rates or special offers.

How to Save Money


If you are looking to save money on roller skating, consider the following tips:

  • Look For Discounts: Check the rink’s website or social media pages for any promotions, discounts, or special offers.
  • Off-Peak Hours: Skating during non-peak hours, such as weekday afternoons or mornings, is generally cheap
  • Bring Your Own Skates: If you own a pair of roller skates or inline skates, you can avoid rental fees by bringing them. However, if you don’t own them yet, here’s the price for a pair of skates.
  • Group Rates: Some rinks offer discounted rates for group bookings, so consider going with friends or family to take advantage of these deals.
  • Multi-Visit Passes Or Memberships: If you plan to skate frequently, inquire about multi-visit passes or memberships, as they often provide discounted rates for multiple visits.


In conclusion, understanding “How much is roller skating per person?” is essential for planning enjoyable outings and budgeting effectively. Roller skating prices can vary based on factors such as location, facility amenities, time of day, and day of the week.

By considering these factors and exploring money-saving strategies such as off-peak hours and bringing your own skates, roller skating can be a fun and affordable activity.

Remember to check with specific roller skating rinks for accurate pricing information and any available discounts or promotions

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