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how much do roller skates cost

If you are interested in learning how to roller skate and have decided to go shopping for your own pair of skates, then you will want to know the answer to, “How much do roller skates cost?”

Most roller skates cost between $30 and $350. However, you can purchase roller skates for as little as $19.99 and as high as over $1000.

The cost of skates also depends on several factors, including the type, brand, size, and quality. If you are getting your skates online, you must also add delivery fees.

Keep reading for more detailed information on the cost of roller skates. By the end, you should be able to shop for yourself with ease.

How Expensive Are Roller Skates?

The average price for regular skates is around $150. However, a roller skates’ price can be affected by many factors, like the type, brand, size, and quality.

4 Different Factors That Affect the Price of Roller Skates

#1 – The Type

The type of roller skates affects how low or high a pair is priced because they vary in terms of design and components included.

Recreational indoor and outdoor roller skates are not as expensive as those made for certain sports, as they are generally made at a higher volume with lower-quality materials. These typically cost around $40 to $350, although most will be around $150.

Skates for someone who has reached an intermediate level will rely on higher-quality parts, so they tend to be costlier. On average, they call for a budget of at least $150, although you would have to shell out $250 or more for a decent pair.

Professionals, however, typically will not settle for anything less than $350, with high-quality products costing as high as $1200 or more. As these high-end skates are typically produced for experts in certain sports, their price range can also vary accordingly, as demonstrated below:

  • Speed skates: $350 to over $1000


  • Hockey skates: $450 to over $1200


  • Artistic roller skates: $500 to over $1000


  • Jam skates: $350 to $900 or more


  • Rhythm skates: $350 to $640 or more


#2 – The Brand

Regardless of whether you are getting roller skates for beginners or professionals, the brand of the skates plays a role in how expensive or inexpensive a pair is.

For example, Roller Derby skates for adults will require a budget of $59.99 to $220, whereas its product lines for children only range from $38 to $65. These affordable price ranges are due to how the brand’s target audience is beginner and casual skaters, making them the go-to recommendation regarding cheap roller skates for adults and kids.


Tilly roller skates, meanwhile, have a starting price of around $100, with the most expensive product costing $150. In contrast, nice skates from a premium brand like Moxi are pretty expensive. For example, the brand’s Lolly Outdoor product line costs $369 per pair, whereas their Jack 1 line can cost as much as $659.


#3 – Target Users

In general, there’s not much of a difference between roller skates for men and lady roller skates. However, you can expect that adults’ skates to be more expensive than those for children, as shown in the example with Roller Derby skates above.

#4 – The Quality

As with any other sports gear, the quality influences how much roller skates cost. A higher quality pair will be more expensive. To consider the quality of a certain pair of roller skates, you should look at the materials that make up it and whether it includes special add-ons or features.

For instance, adjustable roller skates are usually pricier than regular skates. If we’re using Roller Derby skates again as an example, its cheapest adjustable skates are the Candi Girl Lucy for kids, which costs $65.

Other Costs to Think About When Buying Roller Skates

1. Whether you buy the skates online


Unlike getting roller skates in stores, when you buy roller skates online, you will have to pay for delivery as well.

With that said, if you want to minimize the amount you have to shell out for shipping, you should include the keywords “near me” when searching for roller skates on the Internet.

2. Whether you buy the skates with other gear


Another factor that impacts the cost of roller skates is whether you are buying it in a set alongside other gear, such as elbow pads and knee pads. Usually, skates sold in sets are more affordable.

3. Whether you customize the skates

If you want cute skates that are customized to your liking, you will have to pay a bit more. After all, you will end up with a one-of-a-kind pair! How much you are charged for the personalization depends on the brand or manufacturer you are seeking service from.

For example, to get colorful roller skates customized by Riedell, you need to spend an extra $160.

Where Can I Buy Roller Skates?


It is not difficult to find roller skates. You can get them both online and offline. Some roller skate brands that you can browse through are:

  1. Riedell: This is a popular skate brand that has been around for 75 years. Here, you can purchase hand-crafted 4 wheel skates, as well as figure skates. In addition, you can get separate skate components, like boots and wheels.
  2. Impala: This is an Australian skate brand launched that offers vegan-friendly products. You can choose from a wide selection of pretty skates when shopping here.
  3. Moxi: This is another skate brand that you can trust. It specializes in colorful skates and offers both US-made and imported options for skaters. You can get customizable skates, as well as just boots.
  4. VNLA: This has been one of the fastest-growing skate brands since 2005. Its high-end products are all beautifully designed and durable. You can get a professional-looking pair without breaking a sweat.
  5. Sure-Grip: This is an excellent brand for nice-looking skates of all kinds. Here, you can get regular quads, artistic, rock, skates, and outdoor skates. There is also a selection of skates for the little ones. You will have plenty of options when buying from this brand.

Places to buy cheap roller skates

If you are looking for inexpensive roller skates, you can visit Walmart, Target, and Amazon. The first two options allow you to make purchases in person as well as online. You can browse a wide selection of low-priced roller skates in any of these three places.

Are Expensive Roller Skates Better?

Not necessarily. Even though it is true that high-quality skates tend to be pricey because they are made of materials and technology that cost more, some skates can be expensive because of other reasons, like their fancy brand name.

That is why you should evaluate a pair of skates based on what you can see and not just the price tag. For example, you can try it on and confirm that it feels comfortable on your feet; if it does, it won’t really matter if it’s cheap.

You should not spend your entire fortune on a pair of skates, but you should not be so frugal that you skimp on your skates’ quality.

3 Tips to Save Money When Buying Roller Skates


1. Ask For A Discount

This can work if you are buying roller skates from an individual who sells roller skates. Even if there is a chance they say no, there is absolutely no harm in asking! Who knows? You might be able to score a low-priced pair.

Many brands also offer discount programs. Rather than asking, “Can I get a discount?” you can ask, “Are there any discounts available?” Do not let them “forget” to tell you about the discount!

2. Buy Last Year’s Models

New skate releases can be quite expensive. So, if you are trying to save a couple of bucks, you can consider buying older models. Buying last year’s models is the best choice, as the ones available this year will not be that much different. You can save as much as 40 percent by doing this.

3. Buy Used Skates

Some people buy incredibly expensive skates only to not use them. They are excellent deals that you can find on sites like Craigslist. If you want to save some money when buying roller skates, it is worth sparing time to scour for these gems.

However, with used skates, it is necessary to contact the seller and try them on first. Be sure not to fall for scams online. You should avoid processing payment before you verify the condition of the skates.


Now that you have read through this post on “How much do roller skates cost?” you know that you should budget between $30 and $350. If you intend to buy online, spare a bit more for the shipping expenses. You can minimize the amount you spend by asking for a discount, buying last year’s model, or buying used skates.

Hopefully, you have gotten the information you need from what we have written above. If it has been helpful, please leave us a comment down below. We are also happy to answer any questions that you might have. Just reach out to us!

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