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each low-res image is approx. 10K, hi-res images average 150K

San Francisco Examiner(March 29 1996)
San Jose Mercury News (April 3 1996)
L.A. Times (April 20 1996)
San Diego Union Tribune (April 25 1996)
Abeline Reporter News(May 11 1996)
Fort Worth Star Telegram (May 16 1996)
Dallas Morning News (June 3 1996)
Hockey and Skating News (June 1996)
XL Magazine (France)



1 Scencic View of San Francisco
2 Skating the Golden Gate Bridge
3 Another view of the Golden Gate Bridge
4 View of San Francisco at the top of Twin Peaks
5 Flying on top of Twin Peaks
6 Downtown San Francisco
7 San Francisco
8 The start of my world tour, departure from San Francisco
9 Andre Besette (skated across USA), and his wife, invited me to stay at their house.
10 Highway 152, outside of Gilroy, California
11 Scenic hills near Gilroy, CA
12 Marc Houle, who skated with me from Gilroy to Mendota
13 In the central valley of California (the road behind me is very rough)
14 The farmlands of the central valley of California
15 Stopped at a Restaurant
16 Skating at the Beaches in L.A. area
17 Another view of the Beach and Ocean
18 Venice Beach Scene
19 The Friendly people in L.A.
20 John, a friend I met at the Beach
21 L.A. Fire Fighters
23 The banner the people at 'Jims at the Beach' hostel made for my departure from L.A.
24 The departure from L.A.
25 Skating with my trolley at the Beachs of Southern California
26 Mountains before Tecate
27 Mountains to cross, note the ski poles
28 Steep Hill
29 Border Patrol at Tecate
30 Arrive Mexico Border (at Tecate)
31 My first steps in Mexico
32 Mexico street scene
33 Mexicali, Mexico
34 View of Hotel room in Mexicali
35 Mexican students I stayed with
36 Mexicali Police
37 A view of the USA/Mexico border
38 Border at El Paso
39 Crossing into Texas
40 Panoramic View of Desert
41 The beautiful red sand in the desert
42 Rattlesnake I passed on the Road
43 Dead End
44 Skating on a Gravel Road (because of no more pavement)
45 Enjoying the good life, Seminole Inn
46 Checking out the Internet at Hobbs Public Library
47 Repairing Skates (Hobbs, TX)
48 Bearings need replacement (Hobbs, TX)
49 Friend I met in Salvation Army
50 Sponsors (also gave me haircut)
51 Swim in Weatherford Lake
52 Gail, TX (I ate at the cafe)
53 Gail High School
54 On the Road after Gail, Texas
55 Cows
56 Campfire and Harmonica with Kent and Karen (Baird, TX)
57 Elaine Clark
58 Sleeping in Elaine Clark's office
59 Rodeo Horses (Abeline)
60 Texas style B-B-Q, Abeline
61 Interesting boot comparison (Abeline, TX)
62 A funny sign at a restaurant (funny for Europeans)
63 Setting up campsite
64 Camping in Louisiana
65 Louisiana
66 The Police in New York City
67 Martin Luther King memorial
68 Hamming it up at the Park
69 The shirt at the Paris departure 1997
70 Dieppe, France, before taking boat to England
71 Waiting with other caravan for the boat to England
72 England countryside
73 Preparing for an interview, England
74 My old skates, need to change them soon.
75 More England countryside
76 London, England
77 London, England
78 London - bridge
79 Camping at a Park in England
80 Downtown London
81 My new trailer under construction
82 Edward hagen - the specialty bicycle shop where they made my trailer
83 The people that made my trailer.
84 Holland
85 Holland (windmill)
86 Studio picture
87 Studio picture
88 Studio picture



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