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EDITOR'S NOTE: David Miles is a rare individual who has been through the last great day of skating (late '70s) and is experiencing the Great Skating Wave today. Miles organized the Outdoor Rollerskating Association that has events this year in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Cruz and that ranks the top twenty female, and youth skaters in events including short and long races,high jump, long jump, downhill slalom, and synchronized freestyle dance.

We salute Miles 'and all the great San Francisco skaters with this San Francisco Chronicle article reprinted in part. Since it was written, the skaters' area in Golden Gate Park has been smoothly resurfaced, is crowded witl'1 skaters, and David and Rose have added a third child to their family, David Miles III.

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Members of the Golden Gate Skate Patrol as they prepare to skate from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the Skate Against Crack and Violence