SUNDAY, APRIL 5 & APRIL 12, 2008


We live in a city where only 30% of high school youth can pass the physical fitness tests. More and more kids choose to immerse themselves in video games and snack treats rather than kick a ball or raise a sweat. The parents of these kids aren't doing much better. Obesity is a serious problem across the board and must be dealt with seriously.

Outdoor skating is a fantastic way to get a great workout while having a great time. It's time for you to  get away from the TV, push away from the table, get out of that car and work that body in a way that's fun.. Recent improvements to the road surface on Kennedy Drive in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park will greatly increase the opportunities to experience healthy recreational activities that can get you in great shape.  We are planning an event will give people new innovative ways to fight the war against obesity while having a great time in Golden Gate Park.

KRISTI.jpg (76345 bytes) On Sunday, March 11, 2007, the California Outdoor RollerSports Association will present "Healthy Sundays in Golden Gate Park".   Skaters, cyclists, skateboarders, runners, walkers, even hula hoopers will come out to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and do a lap for life on  newly repaved J F K Drive. The event will feature an inline skate race at 8AM, a public bladewalk at 8:30 A.M. and free skate lessons from 8AM to noon.

Come out to get fit, have fun, live healthy and   discover the C.O.R.A. SkateFit Program

The SkateFit Program is based on the President's Fitness Challenge developed by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. The challenge of the program is to make a commitment to physical fitness through active and regular participation in outdoor skating activities. We have shaped it into a program that introduces new skaters to outdoor fitness and recreational skating and provide a fitness challenge to other skaters looking to practice, train, lose weight or just have fun in Golden Gate Park.

People can also use skates to participate in Governor Schwartzenegger's call to fitness. Skaters can accumulate and log their hours on the web  More info at

The course will be entirely on the closed portion of JFK Drive between Conservatory Drive East on the eastern end to the waterfalls on Kennedy Drive on the west end. The main setup area will be located on JFK Drive and Bowling Green Drive near the Conservatory of Flowers. We will have about 100 pairs of skates, pads, helmets and other safety gear.  We will provide skates for those who will need them for lessons and the bladewalk GGPRace 2.jpg (87038 bytes)
We want the public to experience how the new surface creates "recreational asphalt".  The smooth paved road closed roads become a safe recreational paradise for runners, walkers, skaters, cyclists and others who are looking to get away from the television, escape the pressures of the fast paced city lifestyle and get healthy and Golden Gate Park. 
GGPRace.SMjpg.jpg (47386 bytes) Ready to roll? There will be FREE skate lessons all day and skate rentals available for both the lessons and the Bladewalk. 

Costs to enter the Bladewalk is FREE.  You can support our efforts with a donation.You can better support our efforts by becoming a member.  Membership in the California Outdoor RollerSports Association is $35.00 per year. 


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