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What to Wear Roller Skating & What Not to Wear?


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Marsh Harrison



Godfrey Rice

what to wear roller skating

Part of gearing up for the skate park is knowing what to wear roller skating. It would be much easier if there was just one skate-specific suit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The best roller skating attire just has to be non-constricting, breathable, and adequately protective.

Below, we cover more ideas on outfits to wear roller skating. Keep reading to grab the right pieces from your wardrobe!

What to Wear When Roller Skating

The three main criteria your roller skating outfit should meet are non-constricting, breathable, and adequately protective. We mentioned these briefly at the beginning, but let’s look into each in detail now.

Criteria #1 – Non-Constricting

This means that what you wear for roller skating should not hamper your movements. You should be able to bend your knees and extend your arms freely. So, any outfit you have on should not prevent this. Hence:

  • Avoid anything too tight. Skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and corset-style tops may make you look nice, but they will not be very practical to wear when skating.


  • Avoid anything too stiff. Most jeans are rigid by the nature of their material. Clothes made of canvas, leather, and heavyweight fabric also tend to be stiff. Therefore, it is best not to wear them while skating.


When your rollerskating clothes are constrictive, your reflex will be negatively affected. There is a high chance you will not react as quickly. This not only aggravates your performance and makes your skating experience less fun, but it also poses a serious danger.

Criteria #2 – Breathable


The next criterion has to do with breathability. In other words, your outfits to go roller skating should not trap sweat on your body. It should allow air in and out to keep you dry.

Since skating is an active sport, you are bound to break a sweat. When you wear clothes that are not breathable, sweat accumulates on your skin, making it feel sticky and weighed down. Unbreathable attire can also trigger allergic reactions. Plus, trapped sweat can stink up your body.

You should choose materials that are absorbent and not too thick. Some great material choices are cotton, rayon, and linen. Attire fitted with mesh panels and air vents also improves breathability.

Criteria #3 – Adequately Protective


Clothes that are too thin or lack coverage are not ideal. They leave more room for you to get hurt, given that your skin is exposed. Meanwhile, fabric can serve as a barrier, which can minimize the damage should you fall and scrape your skin.

In addition, you should wear specialized protective gear to lessen the blow should you fall, these include:

  • A helmet to safeguard your head.
  • Wrist guard and elbow pads for your upper body parts.
  • Pads to shield your knees.

Other Aspects To Consider

Besides the three criteria above, there are a few things you should think about to choose a proper roller skating outfit.

#1 – Are You Skating Indoor Or Outdoor

What you wear roller skating indoors will understandably be different from what you wear roller skating outside.

With the latter, breathability might be more important because you encounter environmental elements. Adequate protection could also be more critical, as outdoor skating surfaces tend to be more rugged and likely to cause injuries.

#2 – When You Are Skating


Roller skating is something you can do all year round. However, as the weather changes throughout the year, the appropriate attire varies accordingly. For example, in the summer, breathability has to be emphasized more.

In winter, go for clothes that are not bulky but can still keep you warm. As such, you should go for fitting clothes that will not restrict your movements. Jeggings, for example, are ideal for skating during the colder months.

#3 – Mixing Attires

You can still look fashionable and trendy while roller skating. Here are some outfit ideas you can consider:

 01 Short, sleeveless top, and long shock


Such an outfit will give you freedom of movement and provide excellent breathability. However, ensure the socks are long enough to cover your knees. As this does not completely cover your arms and knees, wearing additional protective gear is a must.

 02 Crop top and box pants


For a more sporty outfit, you can opt for a crop top and box pants. If you feel comfortable enough, you can choose a crop top with an open back for more breathability while skating.

 03 Reflective T-shirt, shorts, and long socks


When skating at night, you might want to wear something bright and reflective so that vehicles and pedestrians can spot you easily. Again, as this outfit leaves your arms and legs bare, it’s essential to put on your protective gear.

More Tips to Keep in Mind

Tip #1 – Minimize Accessories

Some outfits look better with belts, buckles, dangles, and other accessories. However, they are not recommended for roller skating attire. For starters, they might get in the way of your movements.

Moreover, if you fall, the accessories can make it more painful. They will exert extra pressure and impact, likely leading to worse injuries.

Tip #2 – Avoid Excess Bottom Lengths

Even though long bottoms provide good coverage, ticking the third criterion, bottoms that are too long can ravel into the wheels of your skates. This is very dangerous. Whether you are wearing pants or skirts, make sure that they do not go beyond the ankles.

Tip #3 – Wear Socks


Many people dislike wearing socks and want to skip out on them when they roller-skate. But we advise against this. Socks are an extra layer of protection for your feet. They can shield against blisters and other forms of wear and tear. Plus, they help control moisture in your skates, keeping your feet dry and odor-free.

Tip #4 – Think About Colors

Darker colors absorb wavelengths, so they heat up more quickly than lighter colors, which reflect wavelengths. If you skate outside during the day, it is better to stick to the latter.

As for skating at night, it is a good idea to wear vibrant, fluorescent colors. These are more visible when the sun is down, and can actually be what saves you from being run over by a car when skating late on the streets.

What Not to Wear When Roller Skating

We mentioned several things to avoid above, but here is a recap for easy reference. Try not to wear anything:

  • Too tight
  • Too stiff
  • Too thin
  • With interfering accessories
  • With too-long bottom lengths

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What to wear rollerblading?

Rollerblading is fairly similar to roller skating, so you can choose your rollerblading outfits based on the same three criteria we described above. To jog your memory, your outfit should be non-constricting, breathable, and adequately protective.

What to wear on a roller skating date?

Dress to impress is the motto for dates. But with skating, you should prioritize practicality and your safety. Put together an outfit that satisfies the three key criteria.

Your best bet is a loose tee tucked in a pair of mid-length pants or a skirt. You can also wear a jumpsuit, but pick one with a few buckles and buttons.


Picking the appropriate attire can greatly influence your skating experience. It also affects your safety. With all the information we have provided above, you should have a good idea of what to wear roller skating and what not to wear.

Remember that the three essential criteria are non-constricting, breathability, and adequate protection!

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