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What Is JB Skating? – Characteristics & History


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Marsh Harrison



Godfrey Rice

what is jb skating

Imagine a world of roller skating where music and dancing on wheels come together in a unique and exciting way. This is what JB skating is all about.

The name comes from the famous musician James Brown, and this skating style is all about moving to the rhythm and having fun.

In this blog post, we are going to explore what is JB skating, where it comes from, and why it is so much fun for those who love to skate. Read on!

All About JB Skating


Originating from the city of Chicago, JB roller skating is an expressive form of roller skating. It draws inspiration from the energetic music style of James Brown, considered the Godfather of Soul—a form of pop music pioneered by Black Americans.

To give you an idea of how influential James Brown’s music has been to this skating style, Chicago has made a playlist consisting of songs based on his works. Nowadays, the style has evolved to feature funky soul music other than JB skate music, such as songs by Led Zeppelin and Barry White.

JB skating is attributed to the African-American communities and is considered one of the oldest styles ever invented. Now, JB is among the most sought-after skating styles, even for beginners. If you’re in Chicago, finding JB skating lessons will surely be a breeze.



This skating style is known for its smooth movements with complex footwork. It’s characterized by a combination of freestyle roller skating, rhythm, and soul/funk dancing.

A few popular moves in JB roller skating are spins, shuffles, and slides. FYI, many signature moves within the genre are reminiscent of James Brown’s performances, effectively showing that JB skating is “all above the grooves.”

The experience of JB skating is not just about individual skill but also about connecting with the music and fellow skaters. It creates a vibrant atmosphere where participants can showcase their style while paying homage to the legacy of James Brown.



JB skate music has its roots in the soul, funk, and R&B genres, which were popular during the time of James Brown’s prominence in the music scene. These genres feature infectious rhythms that complement the dance-inspired movements of JB skating.

James Brown himself played a pivotal role in shaping the music that accompanies JB skating. His iconic tracks like “Get Up Offa That Thing,” “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” and “Super Bad” are staples in JB skate playlists.

These songs, characterized by their lively tempo and grooves, create an atmosphere that encourages skaters to move to the beat with style and flair.

Since its origin, James Brown Skating has gained a dedicated following in various roller skating communities and events.


What is JB skating? James Brown Skating is a style of roller skating that is often characterized by its energetic and rhythmic movements.

It draws inspiration from the legendary musician James Brown, known as the “Godfather of Soul.”

JB skating has become a popular and captivating aspect of roller skating culture, showcasing the harmonious blend of dance and skating.

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