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How to Rotate Inline Skate Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide


Written by

Marsh Harrison



Godfrey Rice

how to rotate inline skate wheels

To ensure that your skating trip goes smoothie and accident-free, it’s essential that you periodically maintain your skates. Among the must-learn aspects, learning how to rotate inline skate wheels is crucial if you want to distribute wear and tear evenly.

This article will delve into different scenarios and methods for rotating worn-out inline skate wheels. Read on for more helpful tips to increase your inline skate wheels’ durability.

Ways to Rotate Inline Skate Wheels




  1. A 4-mm Allen Wrench Or Skate Tool
  2. Marker Or Sticker
  3. Clean Cloth Or Rag


  1. Find a clean and level area to work on, preferably a table or workbench.
  2. Adequate lighting will help you see the small details and ensure you don’t miss any steps.
  3. Lay down a cloth or cardboard to catch any dirt or small parts that might fall during the process. This makes cleanup easier.

Steps To Prepare

  1. Carefully use the Allen wrench or skate tool to loosen and remove the wheel bolts. Take off all the wheels one by one.
  2. Before removing the wheels, use a marker or attach a sticker to each wheel indicating its current position. This will help you know where each wheel should go after rotation.

1. Inline Skates with 4 Wheels (Identical Sizes)

In a standard four-wheel arrangement with wheels of the same size, a simple swap is all you need. Follow these steps:


  1. Swap the wheels in the first to the third position and vice versa.
  2. Switch the wheels in the second and fourth positions.
  3. Flip each wheel so the worn side faces outward to ensure even wear.

2. Inline Skates with 3 Wheels

If your skates have 3 wheels, these are the steps to rotate them:


  1. Switch the third wheels of each pair with one another.
  2. Swap the first wheel of one pair with the second of the other.

If that sounds a bit complicated, here is a parts diagram for you to refer to:

3. Inline Skates with Different Wheel Sizes (Hi-Low Setup)

If your skates have a hi-low wheel setup with varying wheel sizes, the rotation process is slightly different:

  • Rotate the wheels to the same position on the opposite skate. For example, the first wheel on the right skate becomes the first wheel on the left skate.
  • Flip each wheel so that its worn side is facing outward.

To make it simple, you can follow this pattern below:


  1. 1 L >> 1 R
  2. 2 L >> 2 R
  3. 3 L >> 3 R
  4. 4 L >> 4 R

4. Inline Skates with 5 Wheels of the Same Size


For skates equipped with five wheels of identical size, follow these steps:

  • Exchange the wheels in the third position between the skates.
  • Switch the wheel in the first position from one skate with the wheel in the fourth position from the other skate.
  • Rotate the wheel in the second position from one skate with the wheel in the fifth position from the other skate.
  • Again, the worn side must be flipped outward.

Still can’t visualize how it should go? You can refer to this simplified pattern:

  1. 1 L >> 4 R
  2. 2 L >> 5 R
  3. 3 L >> 3 R
  4. 4 L >> 1 R
  5. 5 L >> 2 R

3 Tips for Wheel Rotation

1. Be Careful When Tightening:

When re-assembling the wheels, be cautious not to over-tighten them. To check if you’ve gone overboard, try spinning the wheels—the wheels should be able to spin for around 8 seconds.

At the same time, you shouldn’t under-tighten the wheels, as this means they will wobble. A snug fit is essential for the wheels to spin faster.

2. Experiment With Patterns:

While we have outlined specific rotation patterns, any movement or flip of wheels will extend their lifespan. Feel free to experiment, but ensure you are swapping only the same-sized wheels.

3. Regular Check-Ups: Rotating rollerblade wheels

Should be a routine part of your skate maintenance. Regular check-ups and rotations will help maintain a balanced wear pattern.


Properly changing wheels and rotating them are essential steps for preserving their performance and longevity.

No matter the wheel setup of your skate, following the steps in this guide on how to rotate inline skate wheels will ensure that your rockered inline skates provide an exhilarating experience for years to come.

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