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how much do rollerblades cost

If you want to commit to inline skating, you need to invest in your own pair of skates, and before you get ahead of yourself and start shopping, it helps to know how much money you will be spending.

So, how much do rollerblades cost?

Rollerblades can cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the type and manufacturer. High-quality rollerblades for professionals, however, can sometimes rack up to over half a grand.

But there is more to learn about. Keep reading to find out all the details of this topic!

How Much Do Inline Skates Cost?


As you have read in the beginning, the average cost of rollerblades is between $20 and $200. Where a pair falls in this range depends on its type and manufacturer.

1. The type


Rollerblades can be divided into types based on a user’s gender and age and by their purpose.

That being said, the general types of rollerblades include those for adults (male or female) and kids. Between these two, rollerblades for adults are more expensive, ranging from $50 to $200, whereas those for kids only fall between $20 to $70.

You can also find rollerblades specifically made for recreational purposes or for performing stunts. While the latter type has a higher starting price – $150, they both cap at around $200.

In addition, there are also rollerblades made for professionals. As you can guess, the latter is bound to be the most expensive rollerblades types, with some costing up to $700, such as the Rollerblade POWERBLADE Pro 125.

Here is a summarized chart of rollerblades prices for your reference:

Rollerblades types Average cost
Recreational rollerblades for boys and girls $20 to $70
Recreational rollerblades for men and women $50 to $200
Rollerblades for performing stunts $150-$200
High-end rollerblades for professionals $500-$700

2. The manufacturer

This refers to who makes the rollerblades and also encompasses where they are made. When you are considering this aspect, it is necessary to delve deep into the brand.

For example, Papaison rollerblades are very affordable; most have a low price of $30 to $60. The same can also be said about 2PM SPORTS, whose price range is around $60.

If you venture to more expensive brands, such as the Zetrablade line from Rollerblade, the starting price will be around $110. And as far as premium choices are concerned, Powerblade is one of the brands with the most costly rollerblades – even their cheapest choice will set you back $350.

3. Other costs


Even though the typical price range for rollerblades is between $20 and $500, you can still find inline skates with four-digits price tags. A lot of the time, these are custom rollerblades. In other words, they are personalized to a skater’s specific liking.

Other costs that bump up how much you need to spend on a pair of skates include shipping fees, extra-parts expenses, taxes, etc.

Where Can I Get Rollerblades With Good Quality?


You can look for low-priced inline skates at retailers like Walmart, Target, or Big 5 Sports. There are a lot of cheap rollerblades for adults and kids at these places. The price range for them is from $20 to $90.

If you want to find a place to buy cheap rollerblades, Play It Again Sports is my go-to recommendation, as it offers secondhand skates that are still in good condition. As these rollerblades are used, they are always sold at cheaper prices.

To give you a better grasp of the price range, here’s a summary table.

Retail Outlets Price Range
Walmart $15 to $280
Target $35 to $110
Amazon $20 to $700
Big 5 Sports $24.88 to $89.98
Play It Again Sports Depends on what old skates are being sold.
Typically from $20 to $400
Rollerskate Nation $40 to $1000
Rollerskate USA $40 to $370

Check the return policy

This is particularly important if you are buying inline skates online. A good return policy should be in your favor. So, if the skates do not turn out as you expect, your money will not go down the drain. Sizing skates can be tough. You want to buy from a brand that allows exchanges when the pair you chose through the screen does not fit!

Not all brands will offer exchanges and refunds. So, do not just assume that the place you intend to purchase from does. You will not lose anything by asking first.


Now, you know the full answer to “How much do rollerblades cost?” Inline skaters will be expected to pay between $20 and $200 for a pair of skates. The specific amount depends on the type of skate and manufacturer.

Other factors, like whether skates are customized, also influence the cost. When you are buying rollerblades, make sure you look closely at all the parts and know the return policy!

We hope that this has been useful. If you have any other questions about the rollerblades’ cost, please comment below. We are always happy to hear from our readers.

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