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Skatin' Place in Golden Gate Park
The Godfather of Skating, the Pied Piper of Skating, the Mayor of Golden Gate Park, these are some of the accolades bestowed on David Miles. He is founder and President of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association, the Golden Gate Park Skate Patrol, the Midnight Rollers Friday Night Skate, The Skate Against Violence Campaign and DMJ Inline Sports Marketing. He is also producer/director of Skatin’ Place, one of San Francisco’s highest rated public access television show now showing on the web.

Originally from Kansas City, Mo., David moved to San Francisco in the spring of 1979. His third day in the City, he ventured out to Golden Gate Park to see the sights. While walking through the Conservatory of Flowers, David was startled by four rollerskaters that whizzed by. This was unheard of in Kansas City, but it totally fascinated David. The next day he went out and bought his first pair skates.

For David, skating is life long passion. He has committed himself to the development of this sport. He has developed a very vibrant and successful skate community producing over 2000 skate events, competitions, races and parades. Events like the Napa to Calistoga Roadskate, the Bridge to Boardwalk Roll from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, the San Francisco to Los Angeles Skate Against Violence and the Bauer Point to Point have been featured in national magazines including Sports Illustrated and on the front page of newspapers throughout the country.

David is most notably know as the leader of the San Francisco’s Friday Night Skate. This group of skaters have been rollin’ through the streets of San Francisco every Friday night since 1989. The group has been featured on countless television shows around the world. The event is now a worldwide skating movement that has spread to cities like Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris where they have over 30,000 skaters skating the streets on Friday nights.

David is a strong supporter of Burning Man.  He runs the Black Rock roller Disco theme camp.  He builds a roller rink on the desert floor and brings the joy of skating to thousands on the playa.

David has developed great working relationships San Francisco Mayors, members of the SF Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department as well as the San Francisco Police Department. David has also worked with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on changing the skate laws that will make skating legal in the City and County of San Francisco.

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David is married with  three children. He met his wife Rose while skating in Golden Gate Park.  They have been together for 32 years and have three kids, Melanie, Tiffany and David lll.  All champion skaters, the Miles family has been known as the First Family of Skating in San Francisco.   Melanie Miles was the first Red Bull National Freestyle Dance skate Champion in 1998 and lost to her sister Tiffany in 1999 by 1 point.  The entire family is part of  DMJ Skate Sports Marketing.  This is our family business where everyone in the family participates.  This is the perfect example of the family that skates together.
                                      DAVID G. MILES JR. SKATING BACKGROUND

Coordinator,, Golden Gate Park Skate Patrol

Created July 15, 1979, this group helps injured skaters, cyclists and other park users who use Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park when it is closed to car traffic on Sundays. The Skate Patrol members are trained in First Aid and CPR. For over 2 decades, this group has provided a positive image for skating in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the model for other skate patrols.

Executive Director, California Outdoor Rollerskating Association

Originally called the Outdoor Rollerskating Association of America in 1987, C.O.R.A. works to promote the positive aspects of skating. It serves as a resource for California skaters and helps with events, races and other skate related activities.

Founder/Leader Midnight Rollers Friday Night Skate

This group of between 200 to 700 skaters roll through the streets of San Francisco every Friday Night. It has been rollin’ since the San Francisco Earthquake of 1989, when skaters began skating on the damaged Embarcadero Freeway. It is now a main staple of San Francisco culture as well as an international event.

Creator / Coordinator Skate Against Violence Campaign

Beginning in 1994, this is a campaign conducted from October to December where CORA members collect used skates to distribute to kids at Christmas time who are missing out on the joy of skating. The campaign involves the S.F. to L.A. Skate Against Violence Roadskate has roots that go back to 1980.

President, D.M.J. Inline Sports Marketing

This company organizes and promotes inline skating events and competitions.

Owner, The Inline Academy Skate School

This is a Rollerblade sponsored skate school that serves the San Francisco Bay Area.

Former Member, Board of Directors, San Francisco Public Television Corporation

This organization runs Cityvisions, San Francisco’s Public Access television station. David was a member of the Program Committee and the Technology committee.

Producer/Director, Skatin’ Place

This is an award winning public access television program that features skate related subjects. Skatin’ Place aired every Monday night at 8:30 P.M. It was one of the highest rated shows on San Francisco Public Access television. The show now is streaming on the internet at

GodFather - Black Rock Roller Disco

This is a Burning Man theme camp where we build a roller rink in the middle of the desert at the Burning Man Festival.

Co-Chairman, San Francisco Skate Advisory Committee

This is a group of skaters, retailers and interested persons who interface officially with the City and County of San Francisco on issues related to skating within the City. The group meets monthly at San Francisco City Hall.

Explorer Advisor, Explorer Post #582

Exploring is a part of the Boy Scouts of America that promotes activities like skating and hockey. The California Outdoor Rollerskating Association serves as the Chartered Organization Partner for Post #582. As C.O.R.A. President, David serves as Explorer Advisor.

Member, The Free The Park Coalition

This group acts as a liaison between the skaters and other park users to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.

Member, Advocates for a Safe Golden Gate Park

This is a politically active organization that works on park and transportation issues. In the summer of 2000, the group collected 20,000 signatures to put an initiative, Prop F on the November ballot. This would close Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park to traffic on Saturdays giving the public double the time to skate or otherwise use the park without the threat of being run over by cars.


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