What to Wear Ice Skating Indoors & What to Avoid


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what to wear ice skating indoors

Although picking ice skating attire seems like a no-brainer problem, it actually requires more thought and consideration than you may think. For example, while a crop top and flowy skirt above the knees are indeed a cute combination, they won’t be enough to protect you from injuries should you fall.

When it comes to what to wear ice skating indoors, it’s best to pick pants, long-sleeved shirts, socks, and gloves. Avoid anything too revealing and restrictive, leaving you even more susceptible to injuries and the cold.

Read on to find out more about proper ice skating outfits!

Things to Wear When Ice Skating Indoors & Why You Should Wear Them

1. Pants


Pants that go all the way to your ankles will ensure that you stay warm in an ice skate rink. Plus, they keep you from getting scrapes and cuts if you fall.

The pants you wear should be thick and comfy but not restrictive or heavy. Additionally, they should not be baggy or too long, potentially snagging on your skates.

2. Long-Sleeved Shirt, Sweatshirt, or Hoodie


You’d want a top that can keep you warm without overheating you when you are moving around. In this case, a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie would be perfect for the job.

As with your pants, they should be comfortable to wear. Avoid anything too thick or heavy since they can make it tricky to skate freely. If you are worried about the cold, you can look for ones with internal padding.

3. Socks


Socks are ice skating essentials. They protect your feet from nasty blisters and ankle pain. At the same time, they help your feet stay warm.

You should choose long socks, as they are less likely to slip into your skates. For optimal comfort, try not to wear socks that are too thick or tight, as they might cut off your feet’s blood circulation.

4. Gloves


You definitely cannot forget gloves when you hit the ice rink. They can provide protection in case you fall on your hands while also keeping them warm.

With gloves, the key is a proper fit. If they are too big, they will come loose, and if they are tight, they can interfere with the blood flow and give you hand cramps.

Optional Things To Wear While Ice Skating

1. A Scarf

A scarf around your neck can help ensure it stays warm and cozy. Besides, it can make what you wear ice skating cute.

However, the scarf should not be too long. If it is, it can tangle into your skates, causing you to topple over. If you only have a long scarf, tie it so that the length is reduced, or try to tuck the end away.

2. A Knitted Hat or Beanie

A knitted hat or beanie holds your hair in place and keeps your head warm. It can also make the ice skating attire you have on more stylish. Be sure it fits snugly so it will not fly off while skating at high speeds.

Plus, to prevent your ears from getting the chills, make sure your hat or beanie extends over them.

3. Padded Shorts

You can wear these inside your pants for extra protection and warmth. These are great for rookie skaters who are still likely to face-plant every couple of minutes. They can sufficiently cushion the thigh, rear, and tailbone.

What Not to Wear to an Ice Skating Rink?

1. Anything Too Restrictive

Your skating rink outfit should be comfortable to move in. So, do not wear anything that is too tight. Since your feet will be doing most of the action, this is especially essential to keep in mind when considering pants to wear ice skating.

2. Anything Too Revealing

You should not wear anything that lacks coverage because ice skating, albeit fun, has its share of risks. When you tumble over, it will be less dangerous if your skating rink outfit has plenty of coverage serving as a protective barrier.

Minor injuries like scratches and scrapes can be avoided by being mindful of this when choosing what to wear ice skating inside. That being said, avoid booty shorts, short skirts, and short- or sleeveless tops. Save these for other occasions.

Thing to Consider Before Choosing Outfits to Wear Ice Skating


1. Where You Are Skating

Are you skating at an ice rink indoors? Or are you skating outdoors on a frozen lake? You should know the answer to these questions before putting together an ice skating outfit. It will affect how thick or thin your clothing pieces are for comfort, warmth, and protection.

Usually, when skating outside, your clothes need to be thicker to withstand colder temperatures, as well as provide better protection against rugged skating surfaces.

2. When You Are Skating

Generally, it is not as chilly when you go skating in summer. Therefore, you do not have to put on as many layers as you would in the winter. You can also ditch your additional accessories for warmth, such as the knitted hat or beanie and scarf.

Even though it can still be cold, you are more likely to sweat under the summer sun. It is best for you to wear breathable, moisture-wicking clothes.

3. How Long You Are Skating

If you plan to stay on the ice rink for a long time, you should make sure you bundle up to endure the cold temperatures.

On the other hand, if you are just taking several laps around the rink and calling it a day, you do not need to layer up too much. After all, you will not be there long enough to find the cold unbearable.

4. Your Skating Skills

How well you skate is also worth taking into consideration. If you are a rookie, you will probably have a hard time keeping yourself from face-planting. To protect your body, you should pick out clothes that have more coverage and are not too thin. You might also want to wear an extra layer of supportive padded shorts.

In contrast, if you are a professional skater and are confident you will not tumble the entire time you are on the rink, you do not have to stress out about wearing high-coverage and thick clothes. You can skip the padded shorts too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What to wear to ice skating in the summer?

You still dress according to the recommendations we have given you above. Keep in mind that it can still be chilly in the summer.

It is better to wear multiple layers, then take some off if you get too hot. You should also take a towel with you. It will come in handy when you start sweating.

What should a child wear ice skating?

Regardless of whether your little one is ice skating for the first time, the important criteria to keep in mind are comfort, warmth, and safety. Make sure their clothes will not get in the way, and they will be able to enjoy the ice rink to the fullest.

What things should I bring when ice skating indoors?

To keep warm, consider bringing heat pads along with you. A change of socks is also a good idea, as they can sometimes trap moisture and become icky. If you have long hair, have hair ties to pull it back. Consider clips too. You can use them to keep your hair from your face.

Can I wear a skirt to go ice skating?

Many people do (including myself when I skated for the first time), but it is not recommended. It can get caught more easily than pants.

Plus, when you are moving, it can lift and reveal parts that you want to stay covered. If you have to worry about keeping your skirt from flying up, you surely will not be able to enjoy your ice skating session.

If you really want to wear skirts to the ice rink, consider wearing a pair of leggings underneath.

What to wear ice skating outdoors?

Ice skating outdoors is a lot different from skating indoors. So, you must dress for ice skating outside differently. Some things to wear for outdoor skating are:

  • Parkas
  • Beanies
  • Scarves

These help you stay warm while skating. In addition, you can put on:

  • Helmets
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads

They will provide you with an additional layer of protection. Unlike indoor skating rinks, the ice outdoors might be littered with branches, rocks, and other debris that can cause painful injuries when you are knocked down. So, you will surely appreciate having these to safeguard you.


Now that you know what to wear ice skating indoors and what to avoid, you can properly gear up for your trip to the rink. Remember, the most critical criteria your ice skating outfit should meet are comfort, warmth, and safety. Do not wear anything too restrictive or revealing.

Bookmark this to refer back to when planning your clothes for ice skating! Also, share this with your fellow skaters. They will surely appreciate the tips we have here, too.

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