5 Best Jam Skate Wheels for Breakdancing, Shuffle & Rhythm Skating


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best jam skate wheels

Jam skating is one of the underrated ways to enjoy roller skates. While not everyone appreciates it, those who do often find fulfillment and added confidence from the activity. Why? Skaters show off something beyond their skating skills. They incorporate the sport with artistic moves, making it more fun.

However, you cannot use any roller skate on the dance floor without equipping it with the appropriate wheels. What we need are the best jam skate wheels. These wheels are your perfect partner for shuffle skating, breakdancing, or rhythm skating.

Wheel size

We should always ensure the appropriate roller skate size from the boot down to the wheels. For jam skates wheel numbers, they should be around 62mm to 65mm in height. Their width should be around 30mm.

Wheel hardness

The wheel hardness levels of roller skates range from 78a to 103a. Lower numbers mean softer wheels. In jam skating, the best hardness goes about 89a to 97a, a perfect scale of wheels for indoor roller skating.

Soft rollers are better for dancing outdoors for their added stability on rough surfaces.

Wheel type and build

Of course, like other wheeled skating sports, urethane is a staple material for making wheels. It’s fast, grippy, and has all the things we need to keep rolling on a jam skate. Besides urethane, jam skating uses wood, clay, and Vanathane, but not quite as often as urethane.

Read on as we reveal more exciting things about jam skate wheels through a few quality items. And if you read further, we’ll share a few tips to prepare you once you buy these wheels. For now, let’s see our top picks for this style’s wheels.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


RollerBones Team Wheels

Coming with a 57mm diameter, the RollerBones Team Logo Recreational Wheels make a…


Riedell Sonar Ninja Wheels

The Riedell Sonar Wheels exhibit exceptional uniqueness from the physical to


CLAS FOX Derby Wheels 

Like the previous product, the CLAS FOX 95A Speed/Derby Wheels also have aluminum

5 top-rated Jam Skate Wheels

1. RollerBones Team Logo Recreational Wheels

Body – Urethane

Hardness – 98a

Size – 57mm

Available colors – Black, green, pink, white, purple

Suggested use – Shuffle and artistic skating

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Coming with a 57mm diameter, the RollerBones Team Logo Recreational Wheels make a quality roller skate for rhythm skating and dance moves.  

Some of the moves skaters can perform well on these wheels include spins, 3-turns, and all other dance routines. What’s good about these wheels is they are grippy and ideal for such skating styles.

While a roller skate often adds more weight to the rider, light wheels like this model ease such a load. As many buyers say, these rollers are light, even better than stock wheels. Hence, skaters can move more efficiently and smoothly.

Jam skating often happens on smooth indoor surfaces, like wooden rinks. And in such places, these RollerBones wheels guarantee quality performance. They have a 98a hardness level, putting them at the stiff end of the range. Undoubtedly, skaters achieve better slides.

More wheel materials like Vanathane and clay also work for jam skating. But this brand stuck with the classic urethane, and it has advantages. First, it provides the grip most skaters want, especially the ones doing jam skating.

Second, while it’s not the most essential attribute, urethane wheels yield decent speed. Ultimately, this material exhibits the overall performance skaters look for from a wheel set.   However, using these wheels for wood floors as replacements imposes some challenges in installing the bearings. It’s not the smoothest process, and it takes patience to pluck the wheel cores into the wheels.


  • 57mm diameter, perfect wheels for rhythm skating
  • Lightweight wheels for a lighter skating feeling
  • 98a hardness ideal for slides on smooth indoor surfaces
  • Urethane material that provides speed, grip, and quality overall performance


  • Slightly challenging to install bearings

2. Riedell Sonar Wheels

Package quantity – 4 wheels

Hardness-color combination – Teal – 88a, red – 90a, pink – 91a, blue – 93a, black – 94a, purple – 92a

Wheel size – 38mm x 59mm

Suited skating styles – Derby, Speed, Jam, Session

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The Riedell Sonar Wheels exhibit exceptional uniqueness from the physical to performance attributes.  

The first thing every buyer will likely notice about these wheels is their interior hub. While some skate rollers have a solid urethane body, this wheel model oozes toughness with an aluminum hub.  

This component makes the wheels perform better by adding sufficient resistance against extreme force. Also, it gives the wheel a better roll.  

Not everyone talks about this aspect, but breaking in is part of using new skates or parts. The good news about this product is it breaks in quickly. And in return, riders achieve a better feel of their skates. What’s better is that the wheel stays durable after the break-in period.  

Yes, these are jam skate wheels. But they are more than that. These are perfect for roller derby because of their precision stops. And I think such an aspect is essential for a lightweight, fast, and aggressive wheel set like this product.  

We mentioned that these skate wheels are light. And subsequently, it makes every ride comfortable.  

But what makes this product a good pick is that it’s smooth-rolling. One buyer affirmed that the design rolled faster than expected. Plus, these wheels have a balanced grip, yielding solid transitions.  

On the downside, I think the bearing installation calls for some lube. A few buyers can attest to the challenge of sliding these parts in without lubricant. All other aspects were decent.  


  • Aluminum hubs for a better roll and force tolerance
  • A more efficient break-in period for a better feel of the skate
  • Reasonably durable even after breaking in
  • Lightweight and aggressive wheels ideal for roller derby
  • Smooth-rolling wheels that are fast with enough grip


  • Bearing installation needs lubrication.

3. CLAS FOX 95A Speed/Derby Wheels

Item Options – With and without bearings

Hardness – 95a

Available size – 62mm

Item weight – 0.84kg

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Like the previous product, the CLAS FOX 95A Speed/Derby Wheels also have aluminum hubs. But what I first noticed about this brand is its other features.

The CLAS FOX comes as a package of 8 wheels. For someone who plans a total revamp of her skate shoes, this item will help keep the footwear uniform and balanced.  

Comfort manifests in several wheel aspects, and it’s in the height of these wheels. These skate rollers feature a 62mm dimension, excellent for indoor skating.  

Wheels of this size offer sufficient stability like any beginner would want. That means they allow skaters to relax during rides. Besides that, they show better momentum and improved speed because of their size.

In hardness, I think these wheels for beginners have the right balance. They are not the stiffest with a 95a durometer reading, but they are decent at gripping the floor while being fast, whether on coated surfaces or tiles.  

What’s more? These wheels come made with quality urethane, showcasing excellent rebound.

Another benefit several buyers and I got from these wheels is they arrived with bearings. And those were not simple wheel cores.  

The manufacturer offered ABEC 9 bearings, known for their speed and precision. Undoubtedly, these components add to the overall performance of the skate wheels.  

However, a few hubs weren’t that friendly to the bearings. Installing the wheel core took more time and effort because of some of the rims’ cuts.


  • 8-wheel package for a complete skate shoe revamp
  • 62mm wheel width for improved comfort, stability, and speed
  • 95a hardness level that exhibits sufficient grip for indoor skating
  • High-rebound urethane body
  • ABEC 9 bearings included, adding more speed and precision


  • The size/shape of the hubs made installing bearings difficult.

4. Sonar Wheels – Demon Roller Skate Wheels

Suited skating styles – Jam, session, speed

Hardness – 95a

Available colors – Red, orange, black, blue, green, yellow, pink

Wheel dimension – 43mm x 62mm

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The first aspect I love about the Sonar Wheels – Demon Roller Skate Wheels is their overall build.  

These wheels have a high-quality urethane body that improves speed while minimizing friction. What’s better is that the brand uses a unique formula designed to make these rollers durable and long-lasting.  

Sonar is also a comfortable wheel brand for many reasons. First, it has a unique 12-hole hub that makes every ride smoother and more maneuverable. And second, it comes in a 62mm body, supporting its overall speed while maintaining stability.  

Perhaps, this wheel set has the most color options to suit any skater’s preference. Sonar showcases seven different color options that can complement almost any skate boot.

What many users like is that the set comes in four wheels. So, skaters can keep their rollers in matching colors.  

Versus some wheel brands, I think Sonar is more affordable. It’s not the cheapest I can see in the market. But I’m glad to have a four-wheel package for a reasonable price. The performance and durability were an absolute plus.   The only drawback I noticed on these wheels was the molding residue. Like some buyers, I had to scrape these thin pieces off the wheel to make it look neat. Nonetheless, it did not cause performance issues.


  • Durable urethane body for improving speed while reducing friction
  • 12-hole hub for smoother rides and easier control
  • 62mm diameter for added speed and stability
  • Seven color options in a four-pack for better customizability
  • Reasonably-priced skate wheels


  • Arrived with excess residues from molding

5. Sure-Grip Fame Artistic Indoor Wheels

Dimensions – 32mm x 57mm

Hardness – 97a

Colors – Clear red, teal, purple, and pink

Package inclusion – 8 wheels

Package weight – 0.61kg

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The Sure-Grip Fame Artistic Indoor Wheels might not have the hubs other wheels possess, but their solid urethane body still stands unique. How? These wheels have transparent bodies hued with different colors, designed to give skates a more aesthetic and stylish look.  

These wheels are the second stiffest rollers on the list. And looking at the hardness chart, these 97a durometer roller skate wheels fit the indoor skating style. Besides jam skating, such a style includes floor work and breakdancing.  

What’s better is despite their hardness, these roller skate wheels for indoor setups still yield a perfect grip on the floor or skating surface. So, skaters are free and more confident to perform their tricks and other skills.  

A skate wheel’s width is rarely commendable, but now is one of the few instances where it is. Each Sure-Grip wheel has a 32mm profile, fitting styles that require agility.  

While jam skating requires wider wheels, a 32mm width allows dancers and rhythm skaters to become more active and perform slides better.  

Sure-Grip doesn’t disappoint in overall performance. I came across discussions from several skaters about their experiences. And most of them affirmed that these roller skate wheels for dancing are smooth, grippy, and fast.  

Indeed, these are essential aspects that make a good set of jam skating wheels.  

However, these indoor rollerskate wheels are not the best at minimizing bumps. Users won’t fall or wobble while wearing them, but the unevenness is noticeable.  


  • Unique transparent colors for added style and aesthetics
  • 97a hardness level fit for indoor skating
  • Grippy and allows floor stunts and tricks with ease
  • 31mm wheel profile for more agile skating
  • Smooth and fast, ideal for jam skating


  • Bumps are noticeable.

What to look for when buying jam skate wheels


Are you trying jam skating now? Here’s what to check when searching for wheels.  

Wheel dimensions

The wheel dimensions consist of the wheel’s diameter and profile or width. Both are relevant figures to check if the wheels fit a skating style.

  • Wheel profile

The wheel’s width discloses its maneuverability, grip, slide, and other pertinent aspects.  

Generally, jam skating needs wider wheels from 40mm. Rollers this size add more grip to the wheel, an aspect necessary when breakdancing or other jam skate moves.  

Let’s downsize to 30mm wheels. This wheel width works better for dancers and rhythm skaters. Why? Their narrower contact patches allow skaters to be more nimble and active. Also, they make sliding better.  

  • Wheel diameter

The diameter is one of the most common features buyers check for many reasons, like acceleration, speed, and control.  

For the record, jam skate wheels can be as small as 45mm and could enlarge to 70mm. Like what many wheel buying guides say, wheels at the higher end of the size scale yield more speed and keep their momentum longer. Why? The reason is because they have more rolling length, completing revolutions longer than smaller sizes.  

Meanwhile, small wheels have the upper hand in acceleration. While these give out a lower top speed, skaters find it easier to quicken the pace on these wheels.  

In skating moves and styles, jam skating would likely require 62mm to 65mm wheels. On the other hand, 45mm to 59mm skate wheels will work best for sliding, dancing, and rhythm skating, where agile movements are essential.

Wheel hardness

The diameter is one of the most common features buyers check for many reasons, like acceleration, speed, and control.  

For the record, jam skate wheels can be as small as 45mm and could enlarge to 70mm. Like what many wheel buying guides say, wheels at the higher end of the size scale yield more speed and keep their momentum longer. Why? The reason is because they have more rolling length, completing revolutions longer than smaller sizes.  

Meanwhile, small wheels have the upper hand in acceleration. While these give out a lower top speed, skaters find it easier to quicken the pace on these wheels.  

In skating moves and styles, jam skating would likely require 62mm to 65mm wheels. On the other hand, 45mm to 59mm skate wheels will work best for sliding, dancing, and rhythm skating, where agile movements are essential.

Wheel hardness

We often see skaters call out the wheel’s grip for quality rides. And such an aspect rests on the roller skate wheels hardness.  

Besides grip, the wheel’s hardness could indicate where it works best and what skating style it’s most suited for.  

The stiffest skate wheels go about 103a on the durometer scale. Rollers from this hardness level down to 97a work well for rhythm skaters and people who love to slide.   How about wheels for jam skating? This skating style should use 89a to 97a hard wheels. The same hardness range also fits other genres like breakdancing and floor work. These rollers have adequate grip and are safe from slipping. Ultimately, the softest wheels are for outdoor setups.

Wheel build

Some say wood is a conventional and old-school wheel option. But some top brands today still make wheels out of this material. Why?  

Wood wheels are ideally hard and perfect for a skating style saturated with slides.  

  • Clay

Like wood, clay is also perfect for sliding. However, wheels made with this medium are challenging to push. Nonetheless, clay wheels are the way for slides and insane spins.  

  • Vanathane

Unlike the preceding materials, Vanathane has the perfect combination of slip and grip. Such features enable skaters to become more agile and perform various stunts and dance moves.  



Perhaps, the most significant aspects are the figures, specifically the hardness levels plus dimensions. But save the numbers. Here are more areas to consider when buying jam skate wheels.  

Wheel shape

Not only do jam skate wheels vary in profiles or widths but also in shapes. And we have three applicable to this skating style: egg, rounded, and square shapes. The egg-shaped wheels are often for sliding, square for spins, and the round rollers are more on the universal side.

Wheel hub

As mentioned, some wheels come in solid urethane, while others have non-urethane bearing holders.  

But whatever the material used on these wheel parts, we have a general rule. Soft hubs are preferable for frictionless rides, while harder hubs are better for speed.  

Wheel lip size

The lip refers to the outer edges of the wheels. The larger the lip, the faster you can move.


The inclusion of bearings has become a game-changer for skate wheels. Why? Not every brand releases a bearing-packed wheel.  

Hence, skate wheels with pre-installed bearings become a plus for every buyer. This way, users save money and effort from buying and installing additional parts. However, if there’s one thing we should be keener about, that’s the ABEC ratings of the bearing.   Always check if they are at the higher end of the scale to guarantee better speed and precision.  

What are jam skate wheels? How does it work?

The very definition of jam skate wheels rests on the style itself. So, what is jam skating, and how does the entire jam skate configuration work?

Jam skating is mostly dance. What’s good about this type of skating is it can be a form of competition or recreation.  

Now, how do we identify jam skate wheels for dance skating and the like? Often and as a standard, jam skating rollers are bolder in width or thickness, and diameter. Ideally, jam skate wheels should also be light to boost agility.

What are the different types of jam skate wheels?

As mentioned, jam skating is a more diverse style in wheel classification. Why? Because it uses more than one material, yielding several wheel types.  

Jam skate wheels can be in urethane, Vanathane, wood, or clay. Each material has innate advantages in grip, speed, maneuverability, slip, and more.  

Why do you need jam skate wheels?

Using jam skate wheels for jam skating is as necessary as using the appropriate equipment for other sports.  

Jam skate wheels will enable us to perform whatever the style entails. We can break dance, do modern dance, or perform stunts on a skating rink.

While other wheel types can also offer what jam-skating rollers can, they cannot guarantee their effectiveness in these jam-skating areas. Hence, we should be mindful of the characteristics of a jam skate wheel to use the most appropriate one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted jam skate wheels brands?

Some say brands don’t matter. However, those names more often suggest how wheels went through the creation process and their expected performances. Thus, here are some names of the most reliable jam skate wheels today.

  1. Radar
  2. Sure-Grip
  3. Sonar
  4. RollerBones
  5. Fomac

How tight should jam skate wheels be?

Like skateboards, jam skate wheels should also have a balanced tightness. And how tight are they? We have a simple test for roller skates in general. Here’s how.

  1. Take each roller skate using your hand.
  2. Spin the wheel by flicking your finger once.
  3. Allow the wheel to roll until it stops.
  4. A perfectly tightened wheel should spin beyond 8 seconds. If not, loosen it.
  5. Suppose the wheel rolls beyond the specified time, ensure it doesn’t wiggle on any side.  

Care and maintenance tips for jam skate wheels

Yes, we can expect roller and jam skates to perform best when new. However, what happens if weeks pass by and they begin to look dirty and show signs of slowing down? Do these short maintenance steps for roller skating wheels.

  1. Clean your bearings of grime and dust that prevent their smooth rolls. Also, lubricate them for better performance.
  2. Check stoppers and wheel nuts to ensure ideal tightness levels.
  3. Wipe your wheels and other skate parts with a damp cloth every three weeks.
  4. Assess your trucks’ tightness to ensure they’re not too loose or stiff.


Jam skating is undeniably fun and fulfilling. It makes skaters move creatively and strategically at the same time. However, like other skating or skateboarding styles, we should use the appropriate equipment to guarantee quality performances.

Now that we know some of the best jam skate wheels, breakdancing, gymnastics, or modern dancing on wooden rinks will finally be better. Remember the appropriate dimensions, hardness, and other mentioned factors when buying. By then, we can skate and dance to the music with the best roller skates on our feet.

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