5 Best Inline Skate Wheels for Asphalt (Faster & Smoother)


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Inline skating is popular for its thrill and competitiveness. Not only does it yield speed on trails, but it also makes a skater more disciplined and agile.

Now, like skateboards, inline skates also have parts and components. And one of the components often modified is the wheels. Like other skates, inline also has rollers suited for a specific riding location, like asphalt.

So, today, we will learn about the best inline skate wheels for asphalt. Here are a few salient factors to consider when buying them.

Wheel hardness

The diversity in the hardness of skateboard wheels allows skaters to indulge in different skating styles and locations. And the same concept applies to inline skating.

The wheel hardness varies for outdoor and indoor inline skate setups and skating styles. And since asphalt is almost often outside, inline skate wheels should be on the stiffer end with 82a to 86a hardness levels. Harder wheels at 88a suit the aggressive style more, and the highest durometers of 90a and up are for speed racing.

Wheel size

The wheel profile tells us about the wheels’ thickness and ideal skater level. Thick wheels work best for beginners because of their added stability. Contrarily, narrower rollers suit advanced skaters and are more maneuverable.

We will identify and discuss more factors to consider in the latter part when purchasing these wheels. Hence, check out this guide and get the best value for your money.

For now, let’s examine some of the best asphalt skate wheels.

Wheel profile

The wheel profile tells us about the wheels’ thickness and ideal skater level. Thick wheels work best for beginners because of their added stability. Contrarily, narrower rollers suit advanced skaters and are more maneuverable.

We will identify and discuss more factors to consider in the latter part when purchasing these wheels. Hence, check out this guide and get the best value for your money.

For now, let’s examine some of the best asphalt skate wheels.

3 Premium-Rated Picks

KSS Outdoor Asphalt

In a pack of eight, the KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula 89A Inline Skate X8 Wheels…

Rollerex VXT500

Like the previous product, the Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels come in eight…

Labeda Asphalt

We came across a discussion about how Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hocke…

5 top-rated Inline Skate Wheels for Asphalt

1. KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula 89A Inline Skate X8 Wheels

Package quantity – 8 wheels

Hardness – 89a

Available sizes – 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm

Skating spots – Outdoor

Check price on Amazon

In a pack of eight, the KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula 89A Inline Skate X8 Wheels ensures riders get a total revamp of their inline skates. While inline skates can have 2-5 rollers per boot, having this set helps achieve complete replacement.

Like skateboards, the hardness level of inline skate wheels also matters. And for this product, the 89a durometer rating makes the wheels more appropriate for outdoor places, specifically asphalt roads. Not only that, but this number also means these wheels are faster and longer-lasting.

These outdoor inline skate wheels also have versatile bearings. KSS uses 608 wheel cores. These are the same bearings as the ones on our decks, thus, it’s easy to install these inline rollers.

These wheels are also user-friendly as each roller has a rounded profile which allows riders to maneuver better. This way, they turn, accelerate, or stop with only minimal effort.

Ultimately, these wheels are light. KSS features a 5-spoke profile that distributes the skater’s weight among all the rollers. Most likely, this feature adds to the wheel’s overall maneuverability. However, there were a few bearing slots not perfectly cut. Nevertheless, the wheels work as expected.

  • Pack of eight wheels for total inline skate wheel replacement
  • 89a durometer hardness level perfect for asphalt and outdoor setups
  • Commendable speed and longevity
  • Rounded profile for better control
  • Fits 608 wheel bearings also used in skateboards
  • 5-spoke design for a lighter wheel feel
  • Some bearing slots did not have a perfectly rounded cut.

2. Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels

Body – High-density urethane

Hardness – 85a

Size – 72mm

Thickness – 24mm

Check price on Amazon

Like the previous product, the Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels come in eight rollers.

But what many skaters and I love about this brand is its size. Each roller has a 72mm diameter, making it pretty flexible if we look at a size chart. Rollerex can work as roller hockey wheels and even Ripstik wheels.

The versatility of these items does not only rest on sporty setups. Sometimes, these can be essential installations for wheelchairs, bags, and pieces of luggage.

If we check a wheel hardness chart for inline skates, these wheels are part of the ones for outdoor use. The 85a durometer rating makes them fast and less prone to deformation.

Besides, these outdoor wheels for inline skates are also durable. Each Rollerex wheel comes in a high-density urethane material to resist abrasion and other wearing-out issues. So, this product is one reliable model and guarantees longer usage.

Few might recognize it, but this wheelset offers many colors to complement boot styles. This Rollerex can be rocket red, deep blue, royal purple, sunrise orange, turf green, or steel black. For someone particular about matching colors, this aspect will be significant.

It’s not much of a downside, but many buyers felt surprised this set did not come with bearings. So, we might as well secure these components when buying the wheels.

  • 72mm diameter fit for roller hockey and Ripstiks
  • Suits non-skating purposes like accessories for bags and wheelchairs
  • 85a hardness level for outdoor-skating setups, fast and unlikely to deform
  • High-density urethane body made to withstand abrasion
  • Various colors to complement boot hues
  • No bearings come with the wheelset.

3. Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

Item Options – With and without bearings

Hardness – 85a

Available sizes – 76mm and 80mm

Item weight – 0.71kg

Check price on Amazon

We came across a discussion about how Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels perform. And one of the things people admire about these rollers is their durability.

One rider often skates at least 40 miles weekly. It’s been six months since the wheels’ first use, and they have not shown significant wear. Not only that, but this Labeda wheel set lives up to its purpose of performing well and smoothly on asphalt trails.

Working on this set is a breeze for someone doing a DIY installation of inline skates. But on top of this benefit, these wheels show vast improvements versus old rollers. They yield more speed, run smoother, and are more maneuverable on skating surfaces like cobblestones and sidewalks.

The grip is often a plus factor on skate wheels. And the good news about this product is it has the grip level every skater likes, especially when riding on asphalt roads. There were minimal to no slip incidents suffered, and riders got to control their skates better.

Some skaters claimed these inline skate wheels for outdoor use were expensive, but they’re not. These may not be the cheapest, but they have a reasonable price. And perhaps, their early arrival is an added plus.

I never experienced the same issue on these wheels, but one buyer claimed to have had a few small holes in his rollers.

  • Durable wheel with slow wear-out
  • Performs smoothly on asphalt surfaces
  • Breezy installation with promising and improved performance
  • Grippy wheels with less frequent slips
  • Reasonably-priced wheels with early deliveries
  • Minor holes were present on some shipments.

4. AOWISH Inline Skate Wheels

Available sizes – 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm

Hardness – 85a

Inclusions – ABEC 9 bearings, set of 8 wheels

Available colors – Black, blue, and red

Check price on Amazon

The AOWISH Inline Skate Wheels could be the perfect choice for someone who likes it classy and regal. Their classic graphic prints make them look more appealing than plain.

First thing I like about these wheels is their hardness level. Each wheel has an 85a durometer rating, which means these rollers can tackle asphalt and other outdoor surfaces well.

Also, each AOWISH wheel already arrives with a wheel core. So, skaters will no longer have to purchase these parts separately. And for their price, I believe they are a cost-efficient option.

More importantly, its wheel cores display ABEC 9 ratings, making the inline skate faster and more precise. And undoubtedly, these rollers work best for intermediate users who want more thrill on their rides.

Compatibility-wise, these outdoor rollerblade wheels never disappoint. Not only do they fit inline skates, but they also work for roller blades and even suitcases. Hence, a spare of this set will have a place in our home, even if not under the boot.

Unfortunately, the product’s description of the spacers’ inclusion was untrue. Like many buyers, I have not received the spacers advertised by the brand. Nevertheless, having the bearings included is already a plus.

  • Printed graphics for a more classic and regal look
  • 85a hardness level fit for outdoor setups
  • Cost-efficient option with bearings included
  • ABEC 9 bearings for optimum speed and precision
  • Works for other installations such as suitcases and rollerblades
  • Slightly misleading advertisement on spacers’ inclusion

5. TronX Outdoor Pavement Asphalt HiLo

Body – Urethane

Hardness – 85a

Sizes – 76mm and 80mm

Color – Orange

Bearings inclusion – None

Check price on Amazon

Of all the products here, only the TronX Outdoor Pavement Asphalt HiLo includes eight wheels divided into two sizing groups.

This wheelset has four 76mm and four 80mm rollerblade wheels. But this composition does not come without a purpose. Such a difference makes the wheels more suited to HiLo setups.

Notably, the TronX comes with an abrasion-resistant urethane body, able to withstand outdoor wear and damage. Not only that, but these rollers are also grippy, making them safer to use.

Not everyone might notice it, but these wheels come packed with high-rebound technology. Its purpose? It absorbs impact and allows us to move quickly with little effort. Undoubtedly, inline skates with these wheels will work for roller hockey.

These wheels may not have bearings in the package, but they have a bearing hub that fits 608 wheel cores, a universal size with skateboards. Hence, it could take some effort to buy additional parts, but installing the bearings into the wheels won’t be a problem.

There seems to be no issue in my experience. But some skaters had challenges removing the bearings on the 76mm rollers. But despite that, their grip and overall performance stand out the most.

  • 76mm and 80mm sizes, ideal for HiLo setups
  • Abrasion-resistant urethane body for longer wear
  • Perfectly grippy for safe skating on asphalt
  • High-rebound technology for impact absorption, easier pushes, and high speeds
  • Fits 608 standard-size skate bearings
  • Slightly challenging to detach bearings on the 76mm wheels

What to look for when buying inline skate wheels for asphalt

One of the most salient differences between skateboards and inline skates is that we wear the latter. Hence, we should ensure that the wheels we use suit us well. Let’s take into consideration the following aspects.

Skater’s weight

Don’t worry. Your weight is the sole skater-related physical factor in this guide. So, why should we consider the rider’s weight? Heavy skaters should use harder wheels while lighter riders suit soft rollers best. Generally, 82A wheels and up will work for everyone regardless of weight. However, those 170 pounds and heavier should opt for 76A wheels at the minimum, while lighter users can do with 72A to 76A durometers.

Frame size

The rule when choosing wheels considering the frame is simple; don’t purchase wheels beyond the skate frame’s capacity.

While most inline skate frames provide extra space for larger wheels, it’s not always in our best interest to max it out.

Wheel center

The space at the center of the wheel is the core, where the bearings sit. Sometimes, it may have spokes like some of the products discussed.

But whether coming with spokes or not, asphalt wheel cores should be nylon or plastic. This way, the wheel’s weight stays manageable. Also, an appropriate core will help the roller retain its shape, even under pressure.


Yes, having bearings inside the wheel’s packaging is a gem. Not only can they save us money but time and effort from buying extra accessories as well. But besides bearings, inline skate wheel buyers should ensure the rollers are amenable to aluminum spacer installation. This way, the wheel cores stay aligned and spin smoothly and durably.

Wheel size

Inline skating has long been a phenomenon that came with various purposes. With this diversity, different size wheels have classifications based on the type of skating. Here they are.

  • Aggressive skates – 57mm to 59mm
  • Roller Derby skates – 59mm to 62mm
  • Recreational skates – 70mm to 90mm
  • Hockey skates – 72mm to 80mm
  • HiLo skates – 72mm front; 80mm back
  • Fitness skates – 90mm to 110mm
  • Racing skates – 90mm and up

Wheel hardness

The wheel’s hardness is pivotal to its rebound, grip, and overall performance. And like the size, this aspect should also depend on our skating styles. Here’s a guide.

  • Hockey skate wheels – 72a to 74a
  • Recreational and fitness skate wheels – 82a to 86a – outdoors; 76a to 80a – indoors
  • Aggressive skate wheels – 88a and higher
  • Speed/Racing skate wheels – 90a to 96a

Wheel profile

We follow a simple rule in choosing the wheel’s width or profile. The thicker the wheel, the more stable and grippier it is. Contrarily, narrower skate wheels make your rides more maneuverable and faster. But besides speed and control, the wheel’s thickness suggests its complementary skater skill level. Take note of the following.

  • Advanced – Narrow 31mm wheels that are light but less stable
  • Intermediate – 35mm wheels with balanced grip and stability
  • Beginner to intermediate – 38mm rollers
  • Beginner – Wide 44mm wheels that are the grippiest and most stable

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an inline skate wheel for asphalt? How does it work?

We know asphalt makes up most of the urban and countryside roads. And for this reason, it is vital to understand what wheels work best on these spots.

Inline skate wheels have a specified hardness and size range. Based on our product reviews, these wheels have durometer ratings of 85a to 89a. And if we compare these numbers against a chart, these wheels mostly fit outdoor and asphalt surfaces.

On average, inline wheels for asphalt sizes range from 72mm to 80mm. Let’s take roller hockey as an example.

Skate wheels for this style should be 80mm. Not only does this size fit this skating discipline, but it also works for other outdoor setups.

With the sizes and hardness combined, expect your rides to be reasonably grippy with optimum skate control.

What are the different types of inline skate wheels for asphalt?

Generally, asphalt inline skate wheels form parts of specific skating styles. We listed styles that use rollers suited to asphalt surfaces.

Soft wheels ranging from 78a to 90a

  1. Recreational and fitness wheels
  2. Speed and racing wheels
  3. Wheels for rough use

Large wheels over 62mm

  1. HiLo skate wheels
  2. Recreational and fitness wheels
  3. Racing wheels
  4. Hockey skate wheels

Why do you need inline skate wheels for asphalt?

Using the best wheels for your skateboard likely yields quality rides. And the same concept applies to inline skate wheels.

The first reason we need rollerblade wheels for asphalt is that most outdoor skating surfaces are asphalt-topped. Or if not asphalt, we need wheels for concrete and other outdoor surfaces.

And that leads us to the second reason and benefit. Using the appropriate wheels for these places will help us experience smooth and favorable skate rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted inline skate wheels for asphalt brands?

A skate wheel’s reliability also depends on external factors like the skater’s degree of usage. Hence, what’s trusted, like Mission rollerblade wheels and other brands, may not have the same performance among users. Nonetheless, here is a safe list of wheel brands for asphalt inline skate wheels.

  1. Labeda
  2. Rollerblade
  3. 5th Element

Indoor inline wheels VS asphalt roller hockey wheels: what is the difference?

Besides asphalt rollerblade wheels working for outdoor setups, they have a few more differences from indoor inline rollers.

Indoor inline skating trails are more often smooth. And we don’t want to slip off these places by using the wrong wheels. Hence, this is where soft wheels at 72a to 80a work best.

Contrarily, asphalt roller hockey wheels are on the stiffer end. They also tend to have a rounder profile to keep the hockey players upright.

How long do inline skate wheels for asphalt last?

We mentioned how one of the products showed minimal or negligible wear after six months of usage. But based on available feedback and data from other skaters, inline skate asphalt wheels often last a few months under aggressive use.

Hence, we must understand that skaters have varied usage and skating styles. That means the life of asphalt inline skate wheels can depend on the following

  1. Manner and place of usage
  2. Type of wheels used (softer types are less durable)
  3. Skill level
  4. Skating routine
  5. Maintenance
  6. Overall wheel quality


Inline skating is as fun and exciting as other outdoor activities. It doesn’t only enable us to glide smoothly on long trails, but it also helps improve our physical endurance.

But like skateboarding and other skating sports, inline also calls for the appropriate pieces of equipment. And now that we know about the best inline skate wheels for asphalt, we are finally one step closer to assembling our skating gear.

Remember, the best wheels for outdoor and asphalt areas are grippy. And it all gets better if you choose the ones that will yield the best control.

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