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can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates

When it comes to skateboarding and roller skating, there are a few similarities that make it easy to mix-and-match parts. But, can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates?

In short, the answer is that it is possible to do so, but keep in mind that they are not always the best choice. Continue reading to find more details and get a complete understanding!

Can You Use Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates?


1. Depends on core placement

You can put skateboard wheels on rollerskates if they share the same core spacing and axle dimension. For example, in most cases, center-set and off-set wheels can’t be used on roller skates, but side-set ones are always compatible.

2. Depends on wheel size

This involves both the wheels’ diameter and width.

  • Diameter: The closer the diameter of the skateboard wheels is to the roller skates’ wheels, the better. If the diameter is considerably smaller or larger, they will not work. Generally, the skateboard wheels should be at least 55 millimeters to fit on standard roller skates.
  • Width: The width of the wheels should match one another and the plate. As the width of skateboards’ wheels are rather small, you’ll need to make sure they are at least 55 mm, though it’s preferable if you can find ones that match the roller skate wheels.

3. Depends on bearing size

Like the wheel size, the skateboard wheels you want to use on your roller skates should be as close as possible to your actual roller skates’ bearing size. Most roller skates will have the 608 size.

Note: Proper sizing is essential to use skateboard bearings on roller skates. You can cause damage to your roller skates otherwise.

Pros and Cons of Using Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates


  • Since skateboard wheels are lighter fatigue might not set it as fast while skating with them.
  • Since skateboard wheels are harder, they tend to be more durable. You will probably not have to worry as much about wear and tear.
  • Skateboard wheels are available in many colors and styles, including customized ones, so you are free to pick and choose.


  • Since skateboard wheels are usually slimmer, they have less surface and cover less ground. This can reduce their speed.
  • Improper mounting of skateboard wheels into roller skates can cause damage to the latter.

How to Know if Skateboard Wheels Will Fit on Roller Skates

To test if skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels are interchangeable, you should:

  • Measure the diameter of your wheels of roller skates, then get skateboard wheels with the same (or as similar as possible) diameter.
  • Measure the weight of your wheels of roller skates, and then that of your skateboard wheels. If they are the same or very close, the skateboard wheels will likely fit.
  • Try to place the skateboard wheels on top of your wheels of roller skates, then see if they are of the same sizes.

Note: When taking measurements of your wheels, be sure to remove them from your roller skates first.

Roller Skates vs. Skateboard Wheels: What is the Difference?


1. Wheel Size

In most cases, skateboard wheels are slimmer. They typically run between 50 and 65 millimeters, while the wheels of roller skates range from 55 to 65 millimeters.

2. Wheel Hardness (Durometer)

Wheels of roller skates are usually not as hard. This is because their soft nature allows them to provide better gripping. This, in turn, accommodates turns, twists, and spins. They make sure that skaters do not slip or slide and fall onto their faces.

Not getting the right wheel hardness can affect your skating experience. Softer than recommended ones will take away your stability and traction, and will wear out more quickly, for instance.

3. Wheel Weight

With smaller sizes, skateboard wheels are also usually lighter. They weigh from 200 to 400 grams, whereas the wheels of roller skates are around 530 grams and heavier.

This can impact the setup’s ease of use and performance factors, like maneuverability. Lighter ones tend to make performing tricks and stunts more effortless.

4. Bearing Type

Skateboard wheels typically have center-set bearings, while roller skates’ bearings are side-set.

  • Center-Set Bearings: The bearings of skateboards are in the center and fit into two rings around the wheels.
  • Side-Set Bearings: The bearings of roller skates are on the sides of the wheels. There are holes on each side of the wheels that the bearings can fit into.

How to Use Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates

What to prepare:

  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Substituting skateboard wheels (Such as Spitfire wheels)

Detailed steps

  • Take off the wheels using the pliers.
  • Grab your new skateboard wheels and insert them into your roller skates, making sure to align them properly. Simply push them in. If they get stuck, use a hammer to help.
  • Secure the screws to ensure everything is set in place firmly with the pliers.
  • Try rolling your roller skates with the new wheels on a smooth surface. Once they appear good to go (nothing is loosened), go for a test ride.

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In Summary

Wheel diameter is only slightly larger/smaller X
Wheel diameter is a lot larger/smaller X
Wheel width is only a bit larger/smaller X
Wheel width is much larger/smaller X
The bearing size is the same X
The bearing size is considerably different X
The bearing is center-set X
The bearing is side-set X

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I use rollerblade wheels on skateboards?

You can if they are compatible. However, rollerblade wheels are quite different from those of roller skates, and might not work out in your favor.

Are roller skate wheels the same as skateboard wheels?

No. While they have some similarities, roller skating and skateboard wheels are distinct. There are many differences, such as their wheel size, hardness, and bearing type.

Can I use skateboard trucks on roller skates?

You can fit skateboard trucks onto roller skates if they are compatible. But they may require you to adjust how you skate and re-accustom yourself to enjoy the experience.


Now, you have the complete answer to, “Can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates?” It is possible to mount skateboard wheels onto roller skates because they share the same axle and similar core spacing. However, it is necessary to ensure that the wheel diameter and width match. The bearing size must also correspond.

Since skateboard wheels are made for skateboards and wheels of roller skates are designed for roller skates, it is best to use them as is. The additional effort required to use them interchangeably and the potential cons are not worth it.

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