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Talking about sports, we often visualize a sunny day playing something on an open field. Contrarily, one of the best things about roller skating is that we don’t always have to get that much sun exposure.

While skating indoors is no less than possible, we still have to equip ourselves with the best indoor roller skate wheels. Why? They will help us perform our stunts on smooth floors easily, efficiently, and safely. Here are a few considerations to remember.

Wheel hardness

Often, the wheel hardness bears the most impact when shifting from one skating place to another, or indoors in our case. But with various indoor skating rinks, do specific wheel hardness levels suit them? Absolutely!

For wood floors, the softest roller skate wheels would be 78a. The numbers can go as high as 95a for uncoated wooden rinks and 103a if coated.

For sports courts and polished concrete, the stiffest wheels that can perform on them well would be 95a.

Wheel diameter

Wheel diameter more often indicates the skate’s speed and acceleration. But besides that, skaters also observe a specific size range to ride better on smooth indoor surfaces.

So, in these places, it’s best to use wide wheels. More specifically, these rollers span a diameter of 55mm to 70mm. Any wheel lower than the range might also work indoors, but they are often for beginners and skaters who need better maneuverability.

Wheel material

Every skater must already know about urethane being the primary skate wheel material. But besides that, some quad roller skate wheels could also be wood, clay, or Vanathane. Vanathane offers a bit of both regarding grip and slide, while the other three will sacrifice some stability or speed.

We will discuss more of these factors in the buying guide section to assist you in revamping your indoor skates. Eventually, you will see how to pick the wheels worth your budget. Now, let’s learn about these rollers through the following products.

3 Premium-Rated Picks

RollerBones Team Logo 98A

Type – Recreational wheels

Hardness level – 98a

Dimensions – 57mm

Tanzfrosch Paquete

Material – Polyurethane

Hardness level – 82a

Dimensions – 32mm x 58mm

Nezylaf Paquete

Material – Wood, silicone, PU

Hardness level – 78a

Dimensions – 32mm x 58mm

5 Top-rated Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

1. RollerBones Team Logo 98A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

Type – Recreational wheels

Hardness level – 98a

Size – 57mm

Available colors – Black, green, pink, white, purple

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The RollerBones Team Logo 98A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels are anyone’s perfect companion when skating for leisure. How?

As affirmed by one of many skaters, these wheels aren’t only for riding indoors. These rollers allow several skating styles like dance and rhythm skating and movements such as 3-turns and spins. And in all these, the wheels stay reasonably grippy and responsive.

The second feature I like about this option is it comes as a set of eight wheels. While replacing worn roller skate wheels might only call for only a few roller changes, having this set allows skaters to give their skates a total revamp. That means users can keep their wheels uniform even after replacement.

Each wheel comes in a 98a hardness level, fit for the hardness ranges we discussed. Skate wheels this hard are smooth on indoor surfaces.

But what many skaters love about this hardness level is the wheels don’t slide from under them. Hence, they can do almost anything on wooden rinks and similar skating places.

For the price, I think these wheels have a reasonable tag. They are not the most affordable choice I have, but their performance is promising and consistent. These rollers are perfect for skaters on a budget.

On the downside, some skaters complained about having the logo on their wheels faded. Good thing the issue isn’t performance-related.

  • Perfect recreational wheels that allow different styles and movements
  • 8-piece wheel set for roller skate revamps
  • 98a wheel hardness that’s smooth and doesn’t slide from underneath our feet
  • Reasonably-priced wheels
  • Some wheels came with faded logos.

2. Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels

Inclusions – 8 wheels, bearings, a pair of toe stoppers, and installation tools

Hardness level – 82a

Dimensions – 32mm x 58mm

Material – Polyurethane

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Like the previous product, the Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels come with eight rollers. But there are more features we should know about this item.

While having eight wheels for a complete revamp is already an advantage, getting free bearings for each roller speaks something else. Tanzfrosch equips its wheels with 608 wheel cores right off the bat.

And these are not ordinary bearings. These parts are fast, silent, and stable. With them, skaters no longer have to spend more time and money searching for appropriate wheel cores.

These indoor roller skating wheels aren’t the hardest, but I like them for their 82a hardness level. Yes, it’s best to skate indoors with tough rollers. But the numbers printed on each roller also signify that they work well outdoors, on asphalt and in parks, with a balanced grip and abrasion resistance.

This product’s advantages do not end with the wheels alone. Coming with the wheels is a pair of polyurethane stoppers. These are the essential safety features of roller skates. Having them brings added confidence to the rider. What’s better is these stoppers are wear-resistant and sturdy, guaranteed to last long.

How promising can this wheel brand get? Very! Besides the wheels, this product also includes installation tools in the package. These devices consist of a screwdriver, bolts, and a mounting wrench. Perhaps, this product could be a perfect roller skate overhaul kit. However, one skater complained about mismatched colors on the wheels and stoppers. I have not experienced such an issue. The entire set works well, nonetheless.

  • Fast and stable 608 bearings with eight wheels
  • 82a hardness level, making the wheels grippy and usable outdoors
  • Two sturdy toe stoppers for new safety brakes
  • Installation tools come with the package
  • Color mismatch experienced by some buyers

3. Nezylaf 78A Light-up Roller Skate Wheelss

Inclusions – 8 wheels, bearings, and a mounting wrench

Hardness level – 78a

Dimensions – 32mm x 58mm

Material – Wood, silicone, PU

Color variants – Black, blue, colorful, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, sky blue, green

Check price on Amazon

Yes, disco lights in a roller skate rink are fun. But it gets more entertaining when skating with Nezylaf 78A Light-up Roller Skate Wheels.

Straight out of the package, these wheels might look like any other. But the difference happens once they get installed and begin to roll. Why? Each roller will illuminate with several colors when you are skating.

This aspect makes the wheels look uniquely aesthetic. But on top of that, it makes skaters more visible, especially when skating in the dark.

Nezylaf wheels aren’t only about illumination. These skate wheels also ensure exceptional rides through their quality silicone build. This material makes the rollers glide smoothly. Hence, they can be ideal indoor skating partners, whether on wood, tiles, or concrete.

Another benefit I get from these wheels for indoor roller skating is their unique addition of an anti-stick compound. This substance lets the wheels slide without enduring too much friction. And for a skater that loves to accelerate on rinks, this compound is an absolute plus.

Ultimately, one more factor that makes rides with these wheels better rests on the bearings. Like the previous item, these wheels have 608 wheel bearings. And what do they do?

These wheel cores yield exceptional speed, make sliding smooth and noise-free, and add overall durability to the wheels. However, as many skaters affirmed, I wish these wheels were slightly thicker. Anyway, broad or narrow wheels still fit specific riding styles

  • Lit wheels, making skaters more visible in the dark
  • Silicone wheels that work well on wood, tiles, and other indoor surfaces
  • Anti-stick compound, making the wheels slide better
  • 608 bearings included for better speed, comfort, and durability
  • Slightly narrow for some skaters

4. Sonar Wheels – Demon EDM – Roller Skate Wheels

Inclusions – 4 wheels

Hardness level – 95a

Dimensions – 43mm x 62mm

Material – Urethane

Color variants – Black, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, pink, purple

Age demographic – 13 years and older

Check price on Amazon

They might not look as glossy or poppy as other brands, but Sonar Wheels – Demon EDM – Roller Skate Wheels have attributes that make up for it.

These roller skate wheels feature a unique urethane formula designed to resist abrasion and friction. Such a material contributes to the overall sturdiness of the wheels. Hence, skaters get to enjoy them longer.

I think a significant factor in these wheels’ performance is their size. Each Demon EDM comes in a 43mm width. And skate wheels this wide are known for superior indoor traction. Additionally, its large 62mm diameter or height makes it faster. So, skaters still get that speedy feel on smooth surfaces.

Besides being fast and grippy, these skate rollers also guarantee optimum maneuverability. How? Each wheel has an optimized 12-hole hub that stabilizes rides. Subsequently, skating with these will feel smoother and more controlled.

Whether redesigning roller skates or changing their wheels, this product fits the purpose. This wheelset comes in four rollers, offering great value for money. What’s better is this model has eight color options to match any skater’s preference.

Unfortunately, unlike the previous products, these roller skate wheels for indoor use don’t come with bearings. It would be more convenient had they come with wheel cores.

  • Unique urethane formula used to make wheels durable and long-lasting
  • 43mm x 62mm wheel dimensions offering superior traction and speed
  • A 12-hole hub that stabilizes and makes rides comfortable
  • Comes in a four-wheel set and eight colors
  • The wheelset does not have free bearings.

5. CLAS FOX 78A Quad Roller Skate Wheels

Inclusions – 8 wheels with ABEC 9 bearings

Hardness level – 78a

Dimensions – 35mm x 65mm

Material – Polyurethane

Color variants – Transparent emerald green, blue, purple, red, sea blue, yellow

Suited skating spots – Indoors, streets, parks

Check price on Amazon

The CLAS FOX 78A Quad Roller Skate Wheels are one of the softest rollers in our array. And their hardness level does not come without a purpose.

Coming as a set of 78a skate wheels, CLAS FOX exhibits a superior grip balanced with maneuverability. The effect? Skating becomes more comfortable. And since these wheels are durable urethane, skaters can guarantee they are reasonably long-lasting.

While these wheels are already inherently smooth for their hardness level, they are even stable. Why? Each wheel has a 65mm diameter, almost at the top end of the size range. Rollers of this size provide a firm platform for riding. Plus, they allow riders to maneuver their roller skates more efficiently.

Yes, these wheels are for outdoor skating, primarily. But this brand and model exhibit versatility in two areas, the skater level and skating location.

First, the size of these wheels and their complementary grip and overall stability make them work well for beginners. Second, their hardness level allows users to skate on rubber and wood floors, as well as rinks.

Ultimately, what many skaters and I love about these wheels are their bearing inclusions. And the most surprising part is these wheel cores come with ABEC 9 ratings. If we check the skateboard bearings scale, these yield the best speed among others and are the most precise.

The only issue I have with these wheels is the space of their bearings. It’s almost always challenging to fit these parts into their spots. Nonetheless, some greasing helped.

  • 78a wheels that are soft and grippy for added comfort
  • Urethane body offering optimum durability
  • 65mm diameter, making skating stable and more maneuverable
  • Versatile wheels that work well for beginners and indoor skating spots
  • Inclusion of ABEC 9 bearings for guaranteed speed and precision
  • The bearing spaces were slightly tight.

What to Look for When Buying Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

Buying roller skate wheels may be difficult if you’re a beginner. In this case, we’ll establish the factors to check when searching for indoor wheels for roller skates.

Wheel hardness

The roller skate wheel hardness is an aspect that’s most likely to impact a skater’s overall performance. It will decide if your roller choice fits well for sliding or going slow and stable.

Hardness levels of roller skate wheels range from 68a to 103a. And the good news is indoor rollers have a broad scale at 78a to 103a. So, it’s almost any hardness level manufacturers make. Let’s dissect this aspect based on a few indoor skating locations.

  • Uncoated wood rinks, sports floors, and polished concrete – 78a to 95a
  • Coated wooden floors – 78a to 103a

Wheel dimensions

We divide this aspect into two vital measurements: width and diameter.

  • Wheel diameter

As we know, small wheel roller skates stabilize us better, but larger ones are faster. So, which is preferable as an indoor wheel characteristic? Either.

Looking at a wheels chart, indoor roller skate wheel diameters range from 55mm to 70mm. Typically, 62mm and bigger will yield faster speeds. You can go for this range or smaller depending on your needs.

  • Wheel width

The concept of wheel widths is simple; more width means more stability because of their broader contact patches. For the record, the average width for roller skate wheels ranges from 30mm to 42mm.

And if wider rollers are stable, the narrower ones within 30mm to 32mm slide the best. With a thinner contact patch, these wheels make skating more agile, especially for dancing and rhythm skating.

Wheel material

Earlier, we talked about urethane being a roller skating staple. But besides this material, we may check out three more types of roller skate wheels below.

  • Wood – Old-school style wheels that are often stiff and perfect for slides
  • Clay – Less grip than urethane and not much speed but slides better
  • Vanathane – Perfect balance between slip and grip

Other Important Factors to Consider

Wheel hubs

Not all roller skate wheels have solid urethane from the outside to the core where the bearings sit. Often, these parts come in either aluminum or nylon.

Aluminum skate wheel hubs roll longer and are faster. These cores do not deform, given their sturdy build. The only downside to this type is it’s heavy and slightly expensive. Nonetheless, its performance is worth the price.

On the other hand, nylon wheel hubs are light, thus less straining. They also cost less than aluminum. However, they have a tendency to lose shape when used under pressure.

Bearings and other inclusions

Wheels that come with free items are always a delight to skaters. And from the products we checked, we can get a set of bearings or tools with our purchase.

One of the most relevant advantages of these inclusions is saving time and effort from buying and installing additional parts. Also, these accessories make the wheels a more cost-efficient option.

What Are Indoor Roller Skate Wheels? How Do They Work?

The first impression we’d likely have of indoor roller skate wheels is that they’re often hard. Specifically, these rollers have a durometer rating ranging from 78a to 103a. In size, it would depend if the skater prefers more stability or better slides.

Roller skate wheels that fit the characteristics of indoor rollers add a level of smoothness, speed, slide, or stability when skating on wooden rinks, sports courts, and other smooth surfaces.

There is a thin line in the durometer scale where indoor and outdoor wheels meet. And skaters call these wheels hybrid with an 85a hardness level. These rollers are often a perfect beginner’s choice for their grip and versatility.

What Are the Different Types of Indoor Roller Skate Wheels?

Generally, we distinguish roller skate wheels by the numbers, such as their dimensions and hardness. But it’s also essential to learn about their types.

These wheel types include wood, clay, and Vanathane. Some manufacturers combine two materials. No matter the wheel type you choose, each has a unique advantage in performance and durability. So, we might as well check these areas.

Why Do You Need Indoor Roller Skate Wheels?

If we want to skate through rough surfaces with outdoor rollers, we also need indoor roller skate wheels to ace smooth skating surfaces. Why? Because not all roller skate wheels are the same.

Skating indoors with the appropriate wheels will serve us the best riding experiences taking on wood rinks, sports courts, and similarly smooth surfaces. Not only that, but we might also help prolong our indoor skates’ lives by equipping them with the right components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roller skating has become a phenomenon that pushed many brands to compete for the best wheels. Here is a list of some of these top brands.

  1. Sure-Grip
  2. VNLA
  3. Rollerblade
  4. Sonar Wheels

Indoor VS outdoor roller skate wheels: what is the difference?

Indeed, the part that commonly distinguishes indoor from outdoor roller skates is the wheels. Hence, see this list of salient differences between outdoor and indoor skating wheels below.

  1. Indoor wheels are often stiff, while outdoor rollers are soft to dodge rough surfaces.
  2. While almost any size is acceptable for indoor skating, the larger ones, like 70mm, fit outdoor skating better.
  3. Skate plates for outdoor use sit further forward for a better rough surface response.

Can you put outdoor wheels on indoor roller skates?

As mentioned, roller skate wheels for indoor and outdoor spaces meet halfway on the durometer scale. But besides that, are other outdoor wheels suitable for skating indoors?

Generally, outdoor skates can work indoors. However, with outdoor wheels rolling faster due to their sizes, they may not be fit for riders who want it slow or prefer slides more.

Additionally, while outdoor wheels are often grippy, many skaters aren’t fond of these rollers in indoor setups because they make some skills and tricks more challenging.

What is the best hardness for indoor roller skate wheels?

Slides are the most common reasons skaters take on indoor rinks. And in such instances, hard skate wheels are the best to use.

Specifically, these wheels have a hardness level ranging from 85a to 103a. Those at the lower end yield enough grip, while the ones at the higher end of the hardness chart slide better.


Like skateboards, roller skates also have various places to ride. You can roll on the roads, take to the parks, or practice on smooth rinks. But to ensure a quality ride, we should always equip ourselves with the appropriate wheel as one of the vital steps.

And now that we learned about the best indoor roller skate wheels, we can finally get guaranteed sharp slides and responsive glides on wooden rinks and other smooth surfaces.

Remember, good roller skate wheels for indoor are ideally stiff, and sizes should depend on the skater’s level and style.

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