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San Francisco Friday Night Skate


CORA SkateFit Program

Black Rock Roller Disco Party

Sunday Streets San Francisco

World Record Skate

The mission of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association is to strongly raise awareness of the positive aspects skating can bring into the lives of youth and adults and to give people a fun, healthy skating experience people can enjoy.  Over the years, we have been consistent in our efforts by promoting hundreds of skating events, races, competitions, parades, parties and much more to make the San Francisco Bay Area a great skating city. 

On the weekend of April 8, 9 & 10, 2011, C.O.R.A. will be present a weekend of activities that will live up to said mission as we present  RE/BOOT - OUTDOOR SKATING 2.0

Skating goes in cycles and we are about to launch a new up cycle for outdoor roller skating and it begins in California The following is a summary for plans for C.O.R.A. to present a weekend of skating activities that is intended to mark a new beginning in the development of recreational and fitness skating experience in San Francisco Bay area and beyond. We are inviting inline skaters and roller skaters to come share a fantastic skating weekend in San Francisco where we will share our knowledge and experience gained from our successful efforts to close roads to cars so that they can duplicate these examples and help build interest in outdoor roller skating and inline skating nationwide, but particularly in California.


1.      Launch a new movement to renew interest in outdoor roller skating and inline skating.
      Build membership and skater participation in C.O.R.A.
      Expand participation in the C.O.R.A. SkateFit Program
      Establish an alliance between C.O.R.A., other skate groups, clubs and skate related companies and businesses.
      Raise money for C.O.R.A. activities.
      Present an exciting San Francisco skate weekend. .

On Sunday, April 10, 2011, C.O.R.A. will be joining with San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), Livable City, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Shape Up SF, Kaiser Permanente, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, California Pacific Medical Center, AT & T, and a host of other civic groups, businesses and community based organizations to present Sunday Streets San Francisco.

California Outdoor Rollersports Association has worked for many years to promote the concept of “recreational asphalt”.  That is what is created when cars are removed the roadway and the space is transformed into a recreational paradise where people can use walk, run, ride their bikes, roller skate and inline skate.

Introduced by Mayor Newsom in 2008, Sunday Streets creates a safe, fun, car-free place for people to get out and get active in San Francisco neighborhoods.  The program started with two events in 2008 with a 4.5-mile route from Portsmouth Square in Chinatown along the Embarcadero to the Bayview Opera House on 3rd Street. In 2009, Sunday Streets featured six events on four unique routes, including the Embarcadero, Bayview, Mission and Great Highway. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the 2008-2009 Sunday Streets events, in 2010 nine Sunday Streets events were offered, covering five different routes around the city, with longer routes and additional programming hours, and attracting 15,000-20,000 participants per event.

As we move into 2011, we are going to take the opportunity to use the example of Sunday Streets and Healthy Saturdays to help grow our sport.  We will bring skaters together to learn how they can duplicate our efforts. We will show our local skaters how they can get involved and help the effort.  We will present a weekend of activities include the Friday Night Skate, Saturday seminars, Reboot Roller Disco and Sunday Streets.

The weekend will be highlight with a Guinness book of world records attempt - .The World’s  Longest Skating Serpentine A skating serpentine is a long line of skaters that are linked hand to hand.  The leader or “head“ of the serpentine moves forward and the chain of skaters follow.  The head makes turns to the left and to the right as it moves forward forming a snake like motion with the chain of skaters.  This is the serpentine

Reboot - OS 2.0 Skate Weekend is not the same kind of skate event we have been exposed to here in San Francisco.   If it had to be put in a category, it is more like what you would experience in an event like the Great ESkate in Florida, only this event is designed for the participants to leave with the tools to build on the experience where they live or join with us as we move forward. 

The main point of this weekend is to unify efforts of skaters and establish a new beginning.  It is open to anyone willing to get involved and limited only to your imagination.


San Francisco Friday Night Skate

Fri. April 8, 2011- 9:00 P.M.

San Francisco Friday Night Skate  9PM Start. Meet across from the Ferry Building at Market St. and the Embarcadero. After the skate we will head over to the CellSpace for the Black Rock Roller Disco Party

Black Rock Roller Disco Party

Fri.. April 8, 2011 - 8:00 P.M.

Roller Disco party at the CellSpace – 8PM to 2AM.  2050 Bryant St. between 18th and 19th on Bryant St. This is a fundraising event for our Burning Man camp, the Black Rock Roller Disco. 


World Record Skate

Sun. April 10, 2011 - 10:00 A.M.

         World Record Attempt
 Worlds Longest Skating Chain of Roller Skaters.  World's Longest Chain of Inline Skaters and Worlds Longest Skating Serpentine. Pre-registration opens at 9:00 A.M. Skatin’ Place  Golden Gate Park

  Money raised from the events will go to California Outdoor Rollersports Association  to insure ongoing participation of the work and programs they provide to the public and to support the Black Rock Roller Disco Burning Man camp. 

Sunday Streets San Francisco

Sun. April 10, 2011- 10:00 A.M.

Sunday Streets San Francisco is the example every city is adopting and the catalyst for REBOOT OS 2.0!!!  Kennedy Drive  in  Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway is closed to car traffic. We will meet at Skatin' Place at 6th Ave. and Kennedy Drive.


 Reboot - Outdoor Skating 2.0 is being produced by D.M.J. Skate Sports Marketing in association with the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association. 



If there is anything else happening that generates interest in new skaters like we are advocating, we don't know of it.  We (C.O.R.A.) has taken the position that we can make this happen and any skater, company or business that wants to see our sport thrive is invited to participate.  C.O.R.A. is a true 501c4 non profit organization.  We need help and we are offering skate groups everywhere an opportunity to learn how to become self sufficient and how to make skating grow where they live. 


Please reply if you would like to participate or want more information.   


Keep Rollin',


D. Miles Jr.

The GodFather of Skate

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