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Burning Man 2011

Black Rock Roller Disco Costs & Responsibilities

The Black Rock Roller Disco is one of the most beloved camps at BM. We bring the kind of fun, interactive experience that is the essence of what BM is all about.  It is through working together to present the best experience possible that will make the roller disco an awarding winning camp in 2010.

I don’t know where we will be placed yet, but we will know about 2 weeks before we leave for the playa..  I am confident that we will be on the Esplanade, but there are no guarantees.  I hope to be able to look out and see the Man from the DJ booth. We had great placement last year, but it was a lot of work for everyone. The weather was brutal as our wooden structures snapped in the wind and rain.  The skate floor was soaked in the rain and we had to go back to San Francisco to get masonite for the floor. This year and from now on, I will be prepared for whatever the playa throws at us.

We will be rebuilding our camp this year.  We're committing to being at Burning Man for the next 5 years, so we must have a great floor and camp structure that withstand the trama of the playa.  We also have a storage and delivery facility where we can keep our stuff there for 2011.

We need to raise a total of $7, 360.00 to purchase the materials for a new floor and camp structure and get it transported to the playa. We're doing a series of fundraisers this spring and summer that will help cover most of the costs.  We usually have from 30 to 45 people camping with us.  We will keep the camp fee as it has been for the past few years at $75.00 per person.  This will cover all the basic costs of running the camp.


This year we really need everyone to pitch in and be a full partner with the camp.  We must have shifts where people actually are present to handle the running of the roller rink.  We must get together to do maintenance on the skaters and be sure they’re not a hazard for anyone.  We need to organize MOOP control. And then there’s the bar.

2010 was the first time we ever had a red mark in the moop map.  It was only a small part of the camp, but we must make picking up moop a priority concern.  The concept of "leave no trace" is NOT just a cool saying or hip phrase.  It is a concept that everyone in BRC must adhere to.  We have to do a better job.  Now there was a hellacious dust storm on our last day that started in the morning and never stopped, so we did our best, but we all must do better next time.

WHO’S GOING TO BURNING MAN.  Please reply to this e-mail if you are planning to camp with us.  You can pay the camp fees through PayPal to

I have included a cost breakdown.  Can you think of anything else we need?  Everyone will have to bring some water to replenish the 50 gallon water barrel we will have for the shower.  Everyone must bring some kind of alcohol for the bar.  Also everyone should bring a container of gasoline for the generator .  I budgeted for 40 gallons, but I think we may need more seeing that I will be there for about 17 days.

Well, let’s get rollin’.  If you know your camping with us, please reply ASAP. 

Keep Rollin’,

D. Miles Jr.

The GodFather of Sk8


200 sheets of 3/4 in OSB plywood flooring----------$15 per sheet --------------------$4000.00
20 long 2x4s----------------------------------------$10.00 each------------------------$200.00
Gas for generator -----------------------------------$3.00 per gal 40 gal----------------$120.00
Shade structures -------------------------------3 @ $50 each --------------------------$150.00
Propane----------------------------------------3 - 5 gal tanks 12 sm cans--------------$150.00
Shower battery ---------------------------------- 2 batteries @ $20 ea.------------------$40.00
Disposable laptop ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $100.00
Blacklight paint -------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00
Rope and Ties --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00
Pickup and storage for 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------$1,000.00
Transportation getting everything to the playa------------------------------------------ $1,500.00

TOTAL COSTS-------------------------------------------------------------$7,360.00

TOTAL INCOME ---------- 30 people x $75.00 each---------------------  $2,250.00

WE NEED TO RAISE------------------------------------------------------ $5, 110.00

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