California Outdoor Rollersports Association

Board Member
Tom McCue

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   Age: 61   -   4/3/49

Hometown: San Carlos

Years Skating: 21 – Since 1989

Career Highlights:

First In Age Group; Golden Gate Bridge to Santa Cruz Boardwalk 1995-1996-100 miles; 13 years (1993-Present); Athens to Atlanta completions to 1,000 miles+ two years ago as the only 3 people in the World to complete 1,000 miles.

Favorite Race:

Favorite race, Napa, most fun on the planet!!!!!!!

Best Achievement In A Race Event:

A2A, 14 years in a row achieving chosen finish to 1,139 finish line miles.  Best feeling of achievement at finish line for completing such a grueling iron man event. 

Other Interests:    My son and family.

Quote:    It’s better to wear out than rust!

Anything Else:

I am so proud to be a member, and I consider my wearing the Team Safe uniform to be a vehicle for spreading the goodwill of the sport. I will strive to do my personal best!

I am also a long-standing member of CORA, since 1989, and have participated in almost all of their races. When I couldn’t compete, I volunteered.

I started ice skating as a child growing up in New England. I always remembered the great experiences. When in-lines came along I was, and am, hooked for life.