November 22, 1987

Fly Like An Eagle
photos by George Nitkitin
SFProgress11-22-87-1.jpg (133552 bytes)
SFProgress11-22-87-3.jpg (34023 bytes) Some of California's best skateboarders gathered last Saturday as the "Skatin' the Gate" Northern California Vertical Championships were held at rickety Kezar Stadium. The object of the sidewalk surfers' attention was a 12 foot high ramp, from which-they could negotiate perilous tricks, including the one-handed handstand

While some went for the glory, others went for a skin searing tumble on the slick wooden platfom. Hugh

"Bod" Boyle took top honors In the men's amateur competition, while Stephanie Pearson claimed the prize in the women's division. Shayla Waite was the top finisher from San Francisco, taking fourth in the women's division.

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