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. Name: David G. Miles Jr., president, California Outdoor Rollerskating Association

. URl: www.cora.org

. Site mission: Promote all kinds of skating .

. Personal: Miles, 41, lives in San Francisco

. Whats on it: Information about skating events and lessons, skating related news, dispatches from a French man who is skating around the world

. Hits: 4,000 hits a month

. How financed: From association funds; soon will add advertising through Baylnsider

. When started: September 1995 . Webmaster: David Lai

. Background: CORA member Tsutomu Shimomora (former head of San Diego Supercomputer Center, known for cyber-tracking of infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick) procured the domain name.

. Favorite links: www.getro/ling.com; www.rlrscr.com; www.sfskaters.org .

. Day job: "I make my living from skating." Miles produces skating events and teaches skating.

. Quote: "Through the Web we're able to communicate with an amazing number of people. People plan their entire vacation to come here to skate and we tell them what's going on."

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