Maps and the Napa Valley Inline Marathon

From S.F. take the Bay Bridge I-80 eastbound across the Carquinez Bridge to the Napa exit at Hwy 37 near Marine World in Vallejo. Take the Hwy 37 exit left to Hwy 29. Turn right and follow Hwy 29 north. As you come to Napa you will see a sign that says "Napa" and arrows pointing to the right. Donít follow it. Stay on Hwy 29 through Napa to Yountville. The first street you come to as the roadway narrows from 4 lanes to 2 lanes sn Madison St. This is also the first and only traffic light.  Turn right onto Madison and follow it to Yount St.  Turn left on Yount St. and then immediately right onto Yountville Cross Road. Follow Yountville Cross Road to the starting area on the Silverado Trail. .
The start/finish line will be located near the intersection of Yountville Cross Road and the Silverado Trail. 

We will start the races with the skaters heading  northbound 2.05 miles to a 180 degree turn around near the intersection of Silverado Trail and Oakville Cross Road  Knoll Ave.  Here the turn and travel southbound on the Silverado Trail 6.55 miles to another 180 degree turn located on the Silverado Trail near Oak Knoll Ave.

The skaters will turn and skate 4.5 miles back to the start line    The full 26.2 mile marathon is 2 laps.  The Half Marathon is 1 lap.



We will be setting up in Yountville Park from noon to 6PM on Saturday July 13.  Here you can pick up your race bib numbers, T shirt and other goodies.  Also late registrants can sign up.

                    EVENT PARKING

We will not be using the Cliff Lede Winery this year due to some issues with people camping in the parking lot last year.  Skaters must park their vehicles at Yountville Park where we are having the after race picnic.  Yountville Park is at the intersection of Madison and Washington Streets in Yountville. about 2 miles from west of the start line.  Park here and skate over to the start line.

Parking is also available along Washington St. and at the public parking area at the Library and Civic Center at Yountville Community Center. 6516 Washington Street in Yountville.

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