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How do you plan to spend your summer vacation? Are you a first time road skater looking for an inline event that caters specifically to you?  You will not experience a more fun, exciting skating weekend as the one we are planning for you in one of America's most beautiful areas, the world Famous Napa Valley.

Come take the ultimate skate vacation in Northern California as we present the Napa Valley Inline Marathon and Half Marathon. There are a precious few opportunities to skate on a road as famous as the

Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley and have that road closed off to traffic for your safety.   If you are new to the world of inline roadskating, this is your best opportunity to take your skating into the next level.  

JOIN THE FIRST TIMERS CLUB!!!  We understand that 26 miles along the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley might seem like a very difficult goal to make. That's why we created the Half Marathon. We are offering first time skaters to participate in the Half Marathon at the C.O.R.A. Member fee.    While this event will field some excellent inline racers from around the nation and other countries, we want to bring in new skaters to see the higher levels of speedskating and to get them started on being one of these racers someday

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If 26 miles is too much for you, but you still want to experience skating the Napa Valley for the first time,   CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION  Register for the Half Marathon as a C.O.R.A. member  List your team name as Team First Timer. This is for the Half Marathon only.

Any questions? go to or e-mail the Sk8GodFather at


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