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Over ten years ago, I first read about the Friday night skate through the streets of San Francisco.  It intrigued me, but I was not a good skater and was just too busy.  Then I started having back problems from an old break and needed to find a sport to get nto shape.  Most sports I tried hurt my back even more.  Other than the falling part of it (for which you could pad up like me, the Michelin woman),

I was disappointed to learn that the Friday night skate is difficult to do in old fashioned roller skates.  So, I decided to brave the inline skates I previously resisted and bought a pair right after my 40th birthday.

I now skate better on my inline skates than on my roller skates and am completely addicted to the Friday night skate.  I am not a particularly athletic or coordinated person.  So, if I could do it, most anyone can.

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