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San Francisco Chronicle - Thursday, Nov.4, 1993

This is one of the first articles that really captured the essense of the Friday Night Skate. This is from the San Francisco Chronicle - FAST-FORWARD  

Inline Magazine - Nov. 1995

Jon Lowden came to San Francisco from New York to write this story.  He's been here ever since.  

San Francisco Independent - Nov. 21, 1995

Check out Dan Filner as he graces the front page of the San Francisco Independent newspaper. 

San Francisco Chronicle - Jan 17, 1996

Paul McHugh is a great skate advocate. Check out "The BladeRunners of San Francisco"

The Skate City Press - 1996

Margaret Heller wrote a fantastic article that was published in the Skate City Press in 1996 about the Midnight Rollers Halloween Friday Night Skate

National Report - The New York Times - Feb. 24, 1996

New York is a great skate city.  Check out how Carey Goldenberg presented the Friday Night Skate to New Yorkers.