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JULY 13, 2014

Bib Name Place/Category Gen Time Place Team            
174 Matzger, Eddy 1st Pro (Full) Male 01:19:09.00 1st Twin Cam            
170 Foster, Grant 2nd Pro (Full) Male 01:19:10.00 2nd Team Safe            
69 Rojo, Chris 3rd Pro (Full) Male 01:19:50.00 3rd -            
2 Motta, Robert 4th Pro (Full) Male 01:20:03.00 4th Team Safe Racing            
41 Papahadjopoulos, Kimon 5th Pro (Full) Male 01:20:04.00 5th Team Safe            
19 Crysdale, John 6th Pro (Full) Male 01:20:05.00 6th John Crysdale            
16 McKee, Jim 7th Pro (Full) Male 01:20:06.00 7th Team Safe            
62 Cole, Tom 8th Pro (Full) Male 01:20:07.00 8th GR Speed            
39 Harth, Linus 9th Pro (Full) Male 01:20:08.00 9th Team Safe            
27 Wachter, Edward 10th Pro (Full) Male 01:24:14.36 10th E Zee Fit            
76 Carvell, Cale 11th Pro (Full) Male 02:42:41.88 11th Team Rainbo            
45 De Souza, Maria 1st Pro (Full) Female 01:25:58.34 1st Team Safe            
59 Plante, Taylor 1st Senior A (Full) Male 01:50:00.34 1st San Diego Speed Skating Enthusiastics            
42 O'Keefe, Shannon 1st Senior A (Full) Female 01:48:32.47 1st INCA Princess            
66 Nguyen, Alissa 2nd Senior A (Full) Female 02:00:56.00 2nd -            
22 Lloyd, John 1st Senior B (Full) Male 02:23:12.93 1st Cal Tech            
80 Schultz, Brittney 1st Senior B (Full) Female 01:42:09.34 1st -            
70 Viola, Margaux 2nd Senior B (Full) Female 02:05:52.93 2nd The Wheel Deal            
56 Jiao, Chuanbo 1st Veteran A (Full) Male 01:29:28.93 1st Milpitas Speed Team            
65 Murphy, Derrick 2nd Veteran A (Full) Male 01:29:30.51 2nd            
14 Kakizaki, Takeshi 3rd Veteran A (Full) Male 01:57:31.94 3rd Kaki Looby            
78 Brown, Cassidy 4th Veteran A (Full) Male 02:04:53.89 4th Skin Star USA            
20 Looby, Joseph 5th Veteran A (Full) Male 02:14:06.70 5th Kaki Looby            
46 Sadlier, Ginger 1st Veteran A (Full) Female 02:16:39.15 1st Atlanta Peach Street Road Rollers            
13 Keefauver, Candace 2nd Veteran A (Full) Female 02:41:23.68 2nd Sac City Rollers            
55 Lamonica, Marcy 3rd Veteran A (Full) Female 02:41:58.94 3rd -            
25 Sadlier, Rick 1st Veteran B (Full) Male 01:42:38.39 1st Atlanta Peach Street Road Rollers            
82 Lowell, Joshua 2nd Veteran B (Full) Male 02:16:38.18 2nd -            
36 Herzogova, Jana 1st Veteran B (Full) Female 01:34:21.08 1st Skate Now            
48 Greer, Julia 2nd Veteran B (Full) Female 02:22:01.71 2nd Cal Tech Met Sci            
81 Henry, Heather 3rd Veteran B (Full) Female 02:22:03.14 3rd Team Henry            
43 Bain, Kris 4th Veteran B (Full) Female 02:30:05.60 4th Woodland Area Roller Derby            
71 harding, tracy 5th Veteran B (Full) Female 02:31:55.51 5th -            
44 Leaman, Brent 1st Master A (Full) Male 01:20:09.00 1st Not Attached            
85 Kraan, Eric 2nd Master A (Full) Male 01:26:07.68 2nd Skate Now            
18 Williams, Michael 3rd Master A (Full) Male 01:29:37.77 3rd Sk8 Hard            
30 Chavez, Alex 4th Master A (Full) Male 01:35:05.95 4th So Cal Skaters            
1 Guzman, Brian 5th Master A (Full) Male 02:13:39.33 5th Running for Rhett            
50 Officer, Angela 1st Master A (Full) Female 01:39:03.46 1st NJ Weekend Skaters            
10 Gilligan, Paige 2nd Master A (Full) Female 01:57:08.69 2nd Fresno Flyers            
68 Warburton, Marlo 3rd Master A (Full) Female 02:14:14.48 3rd Follies             
83 Hall, Hollie 4th Master A (Full) Female 02:16:39.15 4th Inline Swine            
172 Adharma, Robyn 5th Master A (Full) Female 02:35:21.13 5th Roller Derby            
17 Berry, Spencer 1st Master B (Full) Male 01:24:16.00 1st -            
64 Burger, Dan 2nd Master B (Full) Male 01:25:57.86 2nd Twin Cam            
21 Edwards, Eric 3rd Master B (Full) Male 01:34:20.56 3rd Engineers In Exile            
40 Morgan, Jay 4th Master B (Full) Male 01:42:38.39 4th APRR            
3 de Haan, Sidney 5th Master B (Full) Male 01:49:51.34 5th -            
86 Wilkes, Troy 6th Master B (Full) Male 02:18:28.89 6th -            
60 Lynch, Brian 7th Master B (Full) Male 02:36:41.71 7th Diso Media            
61 Bowen, Tom 1st Grand Master A (Full) Male 01:29:28.45 1st LA King            
171 Lee, Kenny 2nd Grand Master A (Full) Male 01:29:48.91 2nd NCSA            
57 Martinez, Raymond 3rd Grand Master A (Full) Male 01:37:00.00 3rd Ray            
24 Nielson, Cory 4th Grand Master A (Full) Male 01:39:05.93 4th -            
11 Rector, Victor 5th Grand Master A (Full) Male 01:45:05.74 5th Team Professor            
79 Friedland, Glenn 6th Grand Master A (Full) Male 01:58:16.28 6th BAIR            
58 Plante, Chuck 7th Grand Master A (Full) Male 02:00:44.00 7th San Diego Speed Skating Enthusiastics            
6 Elwood, Robert 8th Grand Master A (Full) Male 02:01:30.44 8th -            
72 Gwinner, John 9th Grand Master A (Full) Male 02:12:01.96 9th So Cal Skaters            
49 Armstrong, Kathryn 1st Grand Master A (Full) Female 02:02:55.79 1st Skate Now            
84 Kraan, Kimberly 2nd Grand Master A (Full) Female 02:10:24.45 2nd Skate Now            
91 Vince, Suzanne 3rd Grand Master A (Full) Female 02:57:03.00 3rd Team Whitfield            
31 Oustimovitch, Vlad 1st Grand Master B (Full) Male 01:29:31.17 1st Skate Now            
88 Pouschine, Nick 2nd Grand Master B (Full) Male 01:29:35.30 2nd BAIR            
74 Day, Phillip 3rd Grand Master B (Full) Male 01:39:03.45 3rd -            
63 Weber, Greg 4th Grand Master B (Full) Male 01:39:12.67 4th Rolling Thunder            
35 Zitelli, Richard 5th Grand Master B (Full) Male 01:44:49.46 5th NJ Weekend Skaters            
175 Prial, James 6th Grand Master B (Full) Male 02:07:47.67 6th Lake Mercded Loopes            
4 Whitfield Knudsen, Pamela 1st Grand Master B (Full) Female 02:57:03.00 1st Team Whitfield            
29 McTernan, Kevin 1st Immortal A (Full) Male 02:13:45.31 1st -            
75 Magill, George 1st Immortal B (Full) Male 02:50:43.35 1st -            
33 Lamport, Leslie 1st Priceless (Full) Male 02:01:14.91 1st Rollers and Coquillages            
26 Pope, John 2nd Priceless (Full) Male 02:09:47.41 2nd -            
150 Huang, Kali 1st Infantry (Half) Female 01:33:48.58 1st Team Kali            
98 Henry, Amanda  1st Junior (Half) Female 01:07:21.55 1st -            
104 Presnetsova, Kate 1st Intermediate (Half) Female 01:07:30.84 1st -            
97 Henry, Kacie 2nd Intermediate (Half) Female 01:33:49.50 2nd -            
118 Pychenkov, Aleksey 1st Senior B (Half) Male 01:03:13.42 1st L&L            
127 Fawcett, Derek 2nd Senior B (Half) Male 01:20:10.00 2nd Gr8 Sk8            
103 Allen, Tricia 1st Senior B (Half) Female 00:55:26.64 1st -            
134 Pychenkova, Elena 2nd Senior B (Half) Female 00:55:54.66 2nd L&L            
109 Booth, Danielle 3rd Senior B (Half) Female 01:03:17.77 3rd -            
111 Owens, Kristin 4th Senior B (Half) Female 01:03:59.59 4th GR8 SK8            
106 Vitello, Loren 5th Senior B (Half) Female 01:20:11.00 5th Cal Tech            
146 Swanson, Claire 6th Senior B (Half) Female 01:20:36.18 6th Auburn Roller Derby Outlaws            
141 Aeilder, Joshua 1st Veteran A (Half) Male 01:33:25.95 1st Fooly Cooly            
108 Chen, Yu-Ting 1st Veteran A (Half) Female 01:33:27.13 1st Fooly Cooly            
112 McMillon, Jill 2nd Veteran A (Half) Female 02:12:45.97 2nd Sac City Rollers            
32 Lujan Jr, Miguel 1st Veteran B (Half) Male 01:01:19.76 1st Majik Hands            
145 Hines, Blythe 1st Veteran B (Half) Female 01:05:37.14 1st -            
130 Fagg, Kristin 2nd Veteran B (Half) Female 01:24:12.56 2nd -            
129 Simmons, Amy 3rd Veteran B (Half) Female 01:24:13.60 3rd Peninsula Roller Girls            
115 Rockwood, Tamarah 4th Veteran B (Half) Female 02:45:05.30 4th Team Rockwood            
99 Henry, Jon 1st Master A (Half) Male 01:07:21.55 1st -            
101 Hart, Cicely 1st Master A (Half) Female 00:51:03.27 1st Team Safe            
132 Dometrius, Carla 2nd Master A (Half) Female 00:56:53.00 2nd SF Roller Girls            
142 Nicholas, Valerie 3rd Master A (Half) Female 01:05:07.29 3rd -            
95 Hedger, Karen 4th Master A (Half) Female 01:09:11.99 4th Auburn Outlaws            
100 Moga, Octaviam 1st Master B (Half) Male 00:48:30.58 1st -            
149 Adea, Anna 1st Master B (Half) Female 00:56:52.27 1st SF Roller Girls            
105 Mello, Jo Ann 2nd Master B (Half) Female 01:08:25.99 2nd Auburn Outlaws            
89 de la Cruz, Brenda 3rd Master B (Half) Female 01:50:13.09 3rd -            
140 Davis, Gary 1st Grand Master A (Half) Male 00:48:53.63 1st Max Muscle            
139 Lee, Craig 2nd Grand Master A (Half) Male 02:12:43.12 2nd Sk8 Flo            
147 Davis, Jana 1st Grand Master A (Half) Female 00:55:17.09 1st Max Muscle            
148 English, Linda 2nd Grand Master A (Half) Female 00:56:59.92 2nd SF Roller Girls            
116 Berry, Kim 3rd Grand Master A (Half) Female 01:04:42.81 3rd -            
102 Rossi, Alberto 1st Grand Master B (Half) Male 00:48:45.71 1st -            
90 Nunes, John 2nd Grand Master B (Half) Male 00:54:02.07 2nd Sorabji            
117 Weber, Erich 3rd Grand Master B (Half) Male 01:02:31.84 3rd -            
114 Coleman, James 4th Grand Master B (Half) Male 01:25:51.99 4th Hill Country Inline Skate Club            
137 Monsef, Lainie 1st Grand Master B (Half) Female 00:56:56.95 1st SF Roller Girls            
113 Gee, Sherie 2nd Grand Master B (Half) Female 01:01:35.48 2nd Hill Country Inline Skate Club            
144 Hoffmann, Lynne 3rd Grand Master B (Half) Female 01:06:18.70 3rd -            
135 Zimmerman, Nancie 4th Grand Master B (Half) Female 01:15:41.07 4th Nancie Zimmerman            
110 Salaun, Cindy 5th Grand Master B (Half) Female 01:45:01.59 5th Too Old to Care            
120 papesh, David 1st Immortal A (Half) Male 00:48:44.77 1st JOLIET NORDICKS            
126 Cerling, Tim 2nd Immortal A (Half) Male 00:53:58.13 2nd -            
125 Brandis, C+E23armi 3rd Immortal A (Half) Male 01:06:09.64 3rd Brandx             
136 Stansifer, Maribeth 1st Immortal A (Half) Female 01:03:14.49 1st Predator Speed            
96 West, Leslie 2nd Immortal A (Half) Female 01:07:30.84 2nd -            
143 Looper, Linda 3rd Immortal A (Half) Female 02:29:05.22 3rd Joy to Us            
94 Davis, James 1st Immortal B (Half) Male 00:49:10.94 1st -            
93 Beeson, David 2nd Immortal B (Half) Male 00:54:45.21 2nd Tuson Inline Sk8 Club            
122 Poritz, Darwin 3rd Immortal B (Half) Male 00:57:53.39 3rd Clear Lake Rollers            
92 Katz, Richard 4th Immortal B (Half) Male 01:24:15.73 4th -            
119 Bannow, Rollin 1st Priceless (Half) Male 00:55:06.21 1st RBPDX            
138 Thomson, James 2nd Priceless (Half) Male 01:07:18.26 2nd Thomson            
123 Bridgman, Charles 3rd Priceless (Half) Male 01:08:25.99 3rd Inline Swine