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Greg Levien 50 Kilometer
Memorial Roadskate

DB Series #1 April 9, 2006


Hi Skaters,

RAIN? What Rain? there was none, and boy were we glad, I guess this means I get to keep using this set of bearings!  As you will see SAFE was the biggest presence there (as usual!) There were also some legends that came back...big time.

John Pope was one of them, and finished the 50K.


Paul Lomangino took 1st in his race. Dennis Cummings and Tom "Road Warrior" McCue got 1st and second in their categories. Yours truly was fortunate enough to win 1st Pro men overall.

SAFE Is In the House!!!!  hope you enjoy the pic's. I pretty sure Dave will have a video up on the site within a couple weeks. A great time of comraderie was had by one and all.

Kim Perkins showed up with moral support and a smile for everyone. She also put the hurt on us for a lap or two....She looks fit and could probably still race 50k no problem. After a recent serious Surgey on his right foot, Tom McCue still skated the 50k without incident.... awesome Tom. Paul Lomangino, even though he was very sick, still showed up and did 10k with the lead pack, before hurrying off to fly out of state on urgent business.

Dave Miles is talking of creating a TEAM Series CUP. The winning team each year will be the team with the most series points. Each year, the cup will be engraved with the year's Champion team, and they will hold the trophy unitl the next season's Team Champs are Awarded. I think we can win this cup.

Pictures and video is coming soon


10 Kilometer Results

NUMBER      NAME            PLACE/CATEGORY             TIME              POINTS

1.   12        Paul Lomangino          1st Veteran Men                20:05

5.   16        Roy Ames                  1st Grand Master Men      28:17

20 Kilometer Results

1.   17        Danny Dunne               1st Veteran Men               1:00:50

30 Kilometer Results

1   15        Warren Focke              1st Veteran Men                1:28:00

2.   14        Jenny Huang                1st Veteran Women          1:33:10

50 Kilometer Results

    NUMBER       NAME            PLACE/CATEGORY           TIME         POINTS

1.    8             Dana Eads                 1st Pro Men                     1:42:18:27          40

2.    5             Robert Motta Jr.        1st Veteran Men               1:42:18 88          40  

3.    4             Mark Randle              1st Master Men                1:55:55               40     

4.    7             Dennis Cummings       1st Grand Master Men    1:56:55               40

5.    2             Eric Edwards              1st Veteran Men              1:57:07              40

6.    3             David Ayers                2nd Master Men             2:05:17              35

7.   10           Carrie Medved          1st Veteran Women          2:11:22              40

8.     1             Tom McCue               2nd Grand Master Men   2:15:39              35

9.     6             J.J.Hickey Jr.              3rd Master Men               2:15:39              30

10    13          David Lambert           3rd Veteran Men            2:21:18:19          30

11.   11          Rudy Albrecht             1st Immortal Men          2:21:18:51           40

12.    9            John Pope                   2nd Immortal Men         2:38:00               35

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